Big Cat Coffee’s Purr-fect Pack Review

Big Cat Coffee's Purr-fect Pack Review

We’ve covered Keurig with at least 3 different device reviews.  I loved it and Wayne was pleased enough to dump his drip coffee maker.  Judie didn’t have the same luck with the Mini.  We know that Keurig machines are pretty popular and those who have the higher end Keurigs seem to have a better experience. But the devices are only part of the equation.  What about a source for the K-Cups?  The problem is my local grocery store only carries a small fraction of the available coffees and no tea and very rarely will they have Hot Chocolate.  Bed, Bath and Beyond is usually the best bet locally.  However, when you go there you run the risk of selecting a blend or flavor that just doesn’t sit right with you and then you are stuck with a big pack.  How in the world do you get to try new coffee, tea or hot chocolate without wasting money?  That’s where Big Cat Coffee’s come in.

Big Cat is an online only company that sells coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other items with a focus on K-Cups that you can use with the Keurig.  You can of course buy whole boxes from them, but that’s not what I am writing about today.  The one thing Big Cat does that just makes my mornings great is they have the Purr-fect Pack!  What in the world is the Purr-fect Pack??  Well, the Purr-fect Pack is a way to build your own box of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any combo of those 3 in a pack of 25 K-Cups for the low price of $14.95 plus shipping.  Any order over $45 will ship for free!  This is an excellent way to try many K-Cups without having to buy a whole pack of 12.  Plus, if you have never ordered from Big Cat before, they will give you 10 percent off your first order!

Big Cat Coffee's Purr-fect Pack Review

I put my order in on a Monday and I had my K-Cups by Wednesday.   Your mileage may vary depending on how far from Big Cat’s Laconia, NH facility.  The order is lovingly packed by Big Cat and they include a fridge magnet and a sample K-Cup!  That took my order of 45 K-Cups to 46.  I also added a travel mug that looks like those cups from a famous coffee shop including a rubber version of the plastic lid.

Big Cat Coffee's Purr-fect Pack Review

So after I tried most of this stuff, what ended up being my favorites from my first order??  I have to say, my favorite is Coffee People’s Jet Fuel Coffee.  This K-Cup is an extra bold K-cup and is for those who love their coffee strong.  This one doesn’t disappoint and provides an almost instant wake up once I take my first few sips!  VERY tasty.  However, not everyone will like this strong brew.

My next favorite is Emeril’s Big Easy Bold.  Along the same lines as Jetfuel in that it is a very bold cup.  It’s not quite as strong as Jetfuel, but is still pretty awesome.  The perfect cup for when you are consuming beignets in New Orleans.

Finally, Coffee People’s Donut Shop blend is my third favorite.   Another notch lower in strength and probably more to the likings of people who love coffee from a donut shop.  I loved going to the donut shop with dad back in the day and now I know why he loved sitting at the counter consuming a donut and a cup of coffee.  If you like Dunkin Donuts coffee, Donut Shop is the one you want to try in your Keurig.

Big Cat Coffee's Purr-fect Pack Review

Of the tea I usually drink in the evenings, my two favorites were Bigelow’s Earl Grey and Timothy’s Chai Tea.  The Earl Grey is just like what you would brew with Bigelow’s Tea Bags.  Captain Picard would approve!  The Chai is also quite good.

I will be buying from Big Cat again!  PLUS once you buy, you can also recommend Big Cat to your friends and once they order from Big Cat, you get 10 percent off your next order!

Each Purr-fect Pack is $14.95 plus shipping direct from Big Cat Coffees in Laconia, NH.

What I liked: Variety!  CHOICE!  Fast service!  What’s not to like?

What needs improvement: Big Cat isn’t the cheapest for K-Cups but it’s the only place where you can build your own variety pack so you won’t be stuck with a bunch of new coffee you don’t like.

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  2. I totally agree that even though the keurig machines are revoulionary I think the thing that really makes keurig top notch is their k-cups. They have so many flavors and high quality k-cups that no competitors can compete. I have heard a lot of great reviews about the karibou coffee so that one really intrigues me and would be a good one to try.

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