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March 24, 2011 • Music Diary

Pop Goes the Music Diary: Piano Hauling Services Available

Amongst the young artists performing at the Grammy Awards, Bruno Mars was one of the few who demonstrated the basic ability to … well, sing his songs. Everyone else simply showed how effective modern sound production tools are, and also that the Johnny Bravo phenomenon wasn’t just for the Brady Bunch!

Growing up as a teen in the post-Vietnam era is very different than the world my own kids experience, so while we saw ‘War, what is it good for (absolutely nothing)’ and ‘buy all of your guns and explode them to space’,they get songs like Bruno Mars Grenade, in which he uses the analogy of catching a grenade as a means of demonstrating love.

Apparently, hauling a piano around is also a great metaphor for showing someone you love them. My younger son loves to play along with the song on the piano, but then also to pretend he is going to push the piano around town as happens in the video. So whether or not the analogy works, it always gets a laugh in our house.

Here is the official video:

Oh, and I really couldn’t get the thought of Woody Allen from Take the Money and Run playing his cello in the marching band …

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