Angry Birds Rio for iPhone/Touch

Angry Birds Rio for iPhone/Touch

I did a strange thing this morning. My alarm is set for 5am but I actually woke up 10 minutes early. I grabbed my phone from the charger next to my bed and searched the appstore for the new Angry Birds Rio game. Most would think I am nuts for doing such a thing, but if you are a fan of the Angry Birds games, you understand my excitement. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I hurried to my office to play through some of the levels before it was time to wake up the family and get ready for school. Sure, new levels are introduced every couple of months for the original and seasons, but this promised to be a whole new experience. Let’s take a look!

Angry Birds Rio for iPhone/Touch

In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – two rare macaws and the stars of the upcoming Fox motion picture, Rio. Angry Birds Rio will pair the physics-based gameplay of the original game with unique twists based on the film.

Angry Birds Rio features:

– Two fantastic episodes with 60 exciting levels!

– Completely new achievements!

– Special Hidden fruits – discover them all!

– Put your Angry Birds skills to the ultimate test in a spectacular boss fight!

I was cautious about Angry Birds Rio when it was first announced since it was connected to a soon to be released motion picture. My fear was that the Rovio would recycle the old games with some new themes from the movie. Luckily, the developers used this opportunity to make a new and improved version of the franchise and did not disappoint.

Angry Birds Rio for iPhone/Touch

The birds, physics and gameplay will be familiar to current Angry Bird fans. The goal is still to sling shot the birds to destroy the levels. This time, there are not pigs though. The first episode is called “Smuggler’s Den” and contains 15 levels. The levels are set inside a warehouse where other birds, who I assume are from the movie, are being held captive. The birds are in cages and placed inside the levels. It is your job to shoot the Angry Birds and free their friends from the cages. Basically, it is the same as destroying pigs, but instead of destruction, the cages open allowing the birds to fly to freedom. At the end of the episode you must free and unlock Blu and Jewel who star in the film. These two will be of great assistance in the final level of the second episode.

Angry Birds Rio for iPhone/Touch

The second episode in Rio is called “Jungle Escape.” In these jungle themed levels, shoot the birds to destroy angry monkeys. These levels will be more similar to prior Angry Birds games with pigs. The levels are fun and challenging and the monkeys are tougher than the green pigs. The monkeys do not explode like the pigs do, but fly off of the screen. They also hold on to their position if the board or block they are holding on to barely falls. I have seen boards drop but land soft enough to not break and the monkey just keeps on hanging on. They will also make an alarmed expression which is comical while trying to hang on. The last level of Jungle Escape brings a first for the Angry Birds franchise in that you must defeat a boss. A white cockatoo flies around the screen and will take multiple hits to defeat. This is where Blu and Jewel will come into play as the first birds you shoot at the boss. I have developed great aim, but hitting a flying target presents a new challenge that has been enjoyable to master. I hope this level is a preface for many new aspects of upcoming Angry Birds games.

Angry Birds Rio for iPhone/Touch

Angry Birds Rio has proven to be a considerable improvement over prior games. The graphics, sound and game play has all been improved. I like how they have dates for future level releases in place on the episode screen. I defeated all of the levels fairly quickly for review sake, but getting three stars on each level as well as finding all golden fruit has been challenging. The new challenges makes for longer game play and more Angry Birds fun. Go get the Angry Birds Rio here in the app store for $.99 and get addicted!

What I like: New and improved Angry Birds! What is not to like?

What could be improved: I would like a way to know which levels golden fruit have been collected so I am not replaying levels for no reason.

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