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Safari.pngI love Mophie’s products. Their batteries are among the best designed and most useful I have found. Last year at CES, the Mopie juicepack air saved us over and over and over when our iPhone batteries wore down as they searched for a signal on AT&T’s network. Now Mophie has extended their line to include their first ever case… the Mophie workbook.

I’ve had one here for the last couple of weeks and really like the design. It takes all of the best features of other portfolio-style iPad cases and adds its own twist that makes the workbook unique.

Here’s a look…


From Mophie-

The workbook is a stylish, protective, fully adjustable folio for your iPad. It prevents damage from bangs, bumps and drops that seem to happen, no matter how careful you try to be. Plus, its super light-weight, ultra-thin and has a low-profile design that is adjustable and secure at any viewing angle for watching, typing or browsing.



Protective Case- The workbook is a light-weight, form-fitting iPad case offering complete protection from front to back. Sleek folio design offers thin profile and easy carrying.

Infinite Viewing Angles- The workbook Provides an infinite number of angles for comfortable typing or screen viewing, improving the overall functionality of the iPad.

Pass-through Design- Enables full access to all ports and controls. Simultaneously charge and sync your iPad without having to remove it from the workbook.

Animal-friendly Exterior- Faux leather exterior is easy to clean but durable to the elements and the plush interior ensures your iPad has unmatched protection.

Choice of Color- The workbook comes in five colors, allowing you to choose the case that matches your style, including: Black with black strap, White with grey strap, Orange with black strap, Chocolate with cyan strap, Cement with a yellow strap


Instead of tons of packaging the workbook comes in a simple, clear, thin plastic “box”. I really appreciate the minimalistic packaging that Mophie used for the workbook since, more and more I am getting turned off by items that have ten times more packaging than is necessary. The waste just doesn’t seem necessary. It is so… so… so… well… it is so wasteful. 🙂


The workbook itself is made from a light material that looks like leather but is actually an “Animal-friendly” material. (Read- synthetic.) In the past I would have balked at the use of the material we used to call “pleather” but, after using the Case-Mate Venture Case iPad case that is also “animal friendly” for a few months now, and seeing how well it holds up, I can’t actually complain. The material is light, strong, and holds up beautifully with daily use.


Different iPad folios use different methods for keeping the case closed when not in use. Some use a snap. (Like Case-Mate and Sena.) Other use a magnet. Others just let the cover flop around. (This is the choice Apple made with its folio.) Mophie chose to use an elastic strap to keep the folio closed when it is not in use.


It is actually an excellent choice on their part. It is thick, strong and does the job well.

As you can see in the above picture the “finish” on the case is excellent. It looks and feels well made. Not a surprise coming from Mophie.


When you open the workbook you find the same excellent build quality. Soft material on both sides helps keep your precious iPad free from scratches.


The iPad simply slips inside the case and, once there, is “framed” by the same material as is used on the exterior of the case. I love this design since it really does ensure that, once inside, the iPad stays put. (Yup, corner-straps are not for me!)


Small “bump-outs” on either side of the frame makes the case usable with the iPad inserted in either direction. It also helps keep the case looking symmetrical… if you are into that sort of thing.


Of course, the key to a case like this is the way it works as a hands free stand for viewing. On this front mophie has distinguished itself but making the case usable at an infinite number of different angles.


You see, the interior material is similar to the soft side of a velcro strip. In fact, it is the same material as the soft side of a velcro strip. And, although it was impossible to get a good picture of it, on the long edge of the iPad-holding frame there are a few examples of the rough side of a velcro strip. That means you simple put the case on to the soft material at your preferred angle and… it stays put. BRILLIANT! And simple!


So here it is at a rather steep angle.


And here it is at a more shallow angle.

In addition, this image lets you see a few other key features of the Mophie workbook.The sides are not sealed but are, instead, hel together by some stretchy material. That means not only are all the ports and buttons accessible, but the case accepts the iPad even when it has a back protective shell on it. That is a great feature and is not the case with all folios.

The bottom line on the Mophie workbook is this- this folio style case is well designed, beautifully executed and offers more flexibility as a hands-free stand than just about any other folio-style case for the iPad. If you can look past the use of “pleather” instead of actual animal skin this case is a great option for you. It is thin and light, well made and remarkably usable. It has enough features to make it worth a look but not so many that it gets cumbersome.

The Mophie workbook is available in three different color combinations through the mophie web site.

MSRP: $59.95

What I Like: Well made; finish is excellent; great design choices made by mophie; easy to use the iPad when inside; all ports etc remain accessible; offers an infinite number of viewing angles thanks to its unique design

What Needs Improvement: Intended for landscape only; “animal-friendly” material translates to synthetic

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