Would You Take the Beer or the iPad?

screenshot from of the Eldorado Success 03/31/11 digital edition

One of the joys of living in a small town is that the local paper publishes the police blotter every week; it’s always good for an unintentional chuckle, because some of the things people call 911 for are things you would never see in a larger city. Whether it be a black bull loose on the side of the road at the county line, hit and run doorbell ringing, or people who call for help but then refuse to say what they need — there’s always something sure to raise an eyebrow.

One item that caught my eye this week was the bit circled in red — some poor beer delivery guy had his iPad stolen by two teetotalling hooligans. I’m thinking “people of a criminal mindset saw an unlocked beer truck and they took the driver’s iPad? I guess the beer inside the truck wasn’t their favorite brand.” =P

Bonus: Here’s the rest of the blotter for those of you who want to see what else happened last week …

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