MLB At Bat 2011 Review Featured at AlliOSNews

GearDiary MLB At Bat 2011 Review Featured at AlliOSNews

Our friend Clinton Fitch of and AlliOSNews is a big baseball fan. And big fans need robust apps like MLB At Bat 2011 for iPad.  It was actually one of Clinton’s past reviews of this app that caused me to purchase it last year and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Now, as you read his review, you’ll need to bear in mind that he’s a Rangers fan and cut him some slack anyway. Sure, he thinks that his purchasing MLB At Bat 2010 was behind the Rangers’ success last year, but that’s just being superstitious. Good thing that we fans of Chicago’s north siders are completely unaffected by superstitions

Anyway, do yourself a favor and check out Clinton’s great in-depth review here at AlliOSNews.

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