The PebbleBee Honey Review: An Item Tracker That Even Your Dog Would Love

There are two things that I always have on me: My wallet and my keys. With technology catching up fast, I’m finding less and less use for my wallet, but one thing that I know I will need for at least the next 4-5 years are house keys. And there’s nothing worse than losing those.

So having the opportunity to review the Pebblebee Honey trackers was a lifesaver for me. At first glance, you notice one thing is certain with the Pebblebee. it’s a white round object that has a hole for a keyring. Interestingly enough though, the Pebblebee itself does not come with a metal ring which might have just been an overlook. I was sent three Pebblebees, which I was able to test on the family dog, Buddha, and one on my girlfriend’s keys as well as my own.


The Pebblebee for Buddha came with an assortment of colored rubber straps and a pet collar fitting that doubled as a wristband for those of you tend to lose your children in theme parks and malls. And if you do, then I’ll say now that the Pebblebee is WAY more stylish than that Monkey backpack leash that I’ve seen some people use in public. Stop that, it’s not cool.


Pebblebee’s run on a replaceable 285mAH CR2430 (or CR2032) battery, and once is included in the package. These batteries are tagged as lasting 365 days, obviously depending on usage. if you’re constantly tracking your keys, I’m pretty sure they will not last as long.


What you do with the Pebblebee Honey is pair it with your iPhone and Android like you would any bluetooth device. There is an accompanying app for the Pebblebee in the App Store or Google Play store that is available for free. After downloading you pressing the raised button on the upper left hand corner of the Pebblebee for five seconds.


At $25 you can easily buy multiple Pebblebee’s individually, or in a three pack ($70) set so you can place them on your backpack, your keys, or if you have space, even your wallet. The one difference that I did see in the Pebblebee from the TrackR Bravo is the Pebblebee does tend to hold up a bit more than the aluminum casing of the TrackR Bravo.

Overall, I actually did enjoy the Pebblebee. This is the second personal item tracker that I’ve used, and it’s the first that actually held up sitting on my keyring. I look forward to doing a comparison between it and the TrackR Bravo soon, and maybe even the Tile if given an opportunity. But as it stands, the PebbleBee is the easiest to use, and the more visibly appealing out of it and the Bravo long-term.

Purchase yourself a Pebblebee Honey today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: The size of the Pebblebee is large enough to be seen and make your keys recognizable, while still being durable

What Needs Improvement: The app itself it a bit clunky and needs to be updated for iOS 8

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