Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip Review

Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip Review

Next in my “Kids, don’t try this at home” series of tests I examine the power strip sent us by WetCircuits.com – the Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip to be precise.

Initially I thought this was a joke, especially with the image they provide of a person holding a pair of metal tweezers inserted into an outlet while the power strip is energized. CRAZY.

Like a fox, actually.

This thing works. While I did not drop it into the bathtub with me and the rubber ducky, I did take it out to the greenhouse, a normally moist-to-wet environment that should provide a suitable test scenario. When it comes my turn to water the plants, I am not exactly “careful” in my use of the garden hose – everything gets wet.

I plugged the Wet Circuits power strip into a power box I have out there and plugged a tabletop lamp into the power strip. (First I put on some rubber-soled shoes.)

Drag the garden hose over and set it to center spray, a more aggressive nozzle pattern than the shower position. I was shocked.
Figuratively of course, as the Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip worked like a champ.

Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip Review

The unit is not cheap by power strip standards. Seventy bucks for this baby, but with the anticipated arrival of the stork at the kids’ home this summer, great attention will be paid in finding safe devices such as this as I “grandbaby-proof” the homestead.

Now if I can find a company that makes scissors that are safe to run with …

Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip

MSRP: $70

What I Like: Works as advertised!

What Needs Improvement: A bit pricey, would like choice of colors.

Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip Review


Wet Circuits

Prevent electrical shocks and potential fire!

Wet Circuits products were designed to prevent accidental electrocutions, minimize chances of appliances short-circuiting and burning out, and eliminate the fires caused by cords overheating.

Wet Circuit patented designed products can effectively prevent:
• Electric shocks from water spill or submersion
• Electric shocks from accidental touch
• Electric shocks from inserting of metal objects
• Fire caused by carbon accumulation due to sparks*
• Fire due to internal wiring overheating

*Tiny sparks are often generated upon inserting a plug into electrical sockets. This caused the copper plates in the socket to carbonize, which can lead to overheating over a period of time.

Water Resistant

Our products are made with the intention to be water resistant. Our patented design and special protective material minimize the flow of electricity when in contact with water. This allows machines that you have plugged in to keep working while you are protected from being electrocuted.

Wet Circuits perfect under these scenarios:
• Accidental water spilled on the outlets
• Occasional rain (and snow!)
• Wet hands

Temporary flooding (Do not submerge it under water for more than 2 hours. Special protective material may wear off after prolonged exposure under water.)

ChildSafe Protection

Each year, close to 4,000 injuries associated with electrical outlets are treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year, says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. About 1/3 of these occur when kids looking to explore insert metal objects like keys, tweezers, hairpins, or their wet little fingers into the outlets. Severe burns and death often ensues. There are over 100 children die every year in the United States after these accidental electrocution.

Wet Circuits products help prevent these tragic accidents from happening. The patented design ensures electric power may only be conducted when a proper plug is 100% inserted into the outlet.

Furthermore, Wet Circuits products are manufactured with poison free materials, so you do not need to worry if your pet dog (or baby) accidentally licks the socket.

Overheat Protection

Many residential fires are caused by overheating of extension cords. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 4,700 residential fires originate in extension cords each year, killing 50 persons and injuring some 280 others.

Overheating of extension cords can occur at the plug, at the socket, or over the entire length of the cord. Hot plugs and sockets are often caused by deteriorated connections to the cord wires.

Besides a fuse, Wet Circuits patented designed product comes with a circuit breaker that discontinues any flow of electric power when our product reaches between 221°F~239°F (105°C~115°C), thus preventing fire caused by overloading.

Spark Prevention

Blue sparks are often generated upon plugging an appliance into the power socket. These sparks carbonize the contacting copper plates and may eventually lead to a possible fire if overheated.

Wet Circuits prevent blue sparks from even happening. Our special material prevents carbon from building up and overheating, this keeping you and your home safe.

4x Lifespan

A normal power strip outlet can withstand 5,000 times of plug and unplug. Wet Circuits can do 4 times as much. That’s 20,000 times!! What exactly does that number mean? If you unplug three times a day, the outlet can last for 18 years!
Each of our Wet Circuits product undergo stringent manufacturing protocols to ensure the utmost quality.

Your safety is our number 1 concern!


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