TiMaG Engineered Titanium Magnets Are Strong, Cool, and Useful

I’ve enjoyed playing with magnets since I was a kid; I think that everything about them is fascinating, and when I find strong magnets that also look cool, I generally can’t resist getting a set. TiMag Engineered Titanium Magnets fit the bill, and I have some coming soon. Why should you back this Kickstarter project? Well …

timag 3

According to their PR, this is the kind of magnet that Super Man would use — it might even be “the strongest magnet in the world! It’s so strong, it’s up to 50x stronger than any normal refrigerator magnet! Not to mention it’s made from Grade 5 Titanium, the same stuff used to make fighter Jets!”

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That’s cool, right? Perhaps even cooler are all the things you can do with it. Are you looking for a place to hang a picture? Use a TiMaG to find the studs in your wall.

TiMag 1

And yes, you can use them to hang stuff on your fridge, file cabinets, side of your car (assuming you won’t freak out if someone steals one), or do like Kev does — use them to hang beer brewing notes from the steel c-perling on the wall in his shop.

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These magnets are “cool to look at, well made, and [they] actually work….they are also a great way to organize your office/work space/fridge/garage, etc. and look good doing it.”

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Here are a couple of other ways that you can use magnets to save money, time, and your sanity …

  • A Battery life-saver: We’ve all been there trying to pry a tiny battery out of its home with no luck. Next time try using TiMaG – to grab a hold of that battery. I promise you won’t ever use your fingernails again. It’s not just a battery life-saver, but a fingernail-saver too.
  • Water Heater Saver: Here’s a little known fact about water heaters: to prevent corrosion inside the unit simply place a TiMaGs magnet on the freshwater intake pipe. This neat trick will catch damaging metallic calcium particles before they get inside the water heater and ruin your $1200 piece of equipment.

You can conduct magnetic experiments with them, play games with them, hang things from them, or simply just have them. You never know when you might need a strong magnet!

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Magnets are so cool, and these are among the coolest (and strongest) I’ve seen. $22 will get you two TiMaG magnets, and $99 will get you ten in your choice of colors.

Curious? You can get your own set by backing the TiMaG Engineered Titanium Magnets Kickstarter program here.

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