Headphone Review: iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Bud with Microphone

Headphone Review: iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Bud with Microphone

Other than cell phones, one of the most common gadgets I see are headphones. Kids and adults alike love to carry their media with them and seem to be listening to it in public more and more. I always check out headphones when someone has them in, since I am a geek and gear head and always see a variety of style and sizes. Headphones and earbuds are one of those things that you can pay as little as a couple of dollars or up to hundreds.

I was able to test out a pair of Luxe earbuds from iFrogz. They fall in the $24.99 range, so they are affordable for most anyone with a smartphone or MP3 player. Let’s take a look.

Headphone Review: iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Bud with Microphone

The Luxe microbuds with microphone are designed to be small and light without skipping out on style and performance. The buds come in seven different colors, so most everyone is sure to find something that meets their tastes. The package includes the headphones along with the usual sizes of interchangeable ear pieces. The ear pieces are soft and super comfortable when in use. The outside layer is clear with the inside matching the color of the headphones. The cord is 1.1m long and made of standard plastic that many headphone cords are made of. Both the connection point where the ear lines come together as well as the 3.5mm plug are held together by an anodized metal connection. The connections match the headphone color, but most important give a quality connection at a point where many cords fail. I found this feature to be a big bonus considering the low price range the Luxe fall into.

Headphone Review: iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Bud with Microphone

I prefer to have an inline mic on all of my headphone solutions since I always carry an iPhone. I do not carry all of my music on my phone, but I do listen to lots of podcasts and internet radio. Having the option to answer calls is important to me. The microphone is located on the right side and hangs down just about mouth level. The mic is encased in a soft plastic cover and does contain a button but no volume control. The button works to answer calls and play or pause music. I was not able to advance songs by double clicking and did have to find the “sweet spot” to make the button work every time. Both calls and recordings pick up voices loud and clear; callers did not know an inline microphone was being used, and wind did not affect the call quality too much.

Headphone Review: iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Bud with Microphone

So far, the Luxe buds are above average when compared to their price range. The deciding factor for any headphone though, is the audio performance. I always test headphones with spoken audio as well as different genres of music. These earbuds perform really well with audio books and podcasts. The voices are crisp and clear with a full range sound. Acoustic music sounds fantastic if you listen two clicks down from the highest level. The detail in the strings is nice and the music has clarity. Rock and country also tested well just below full level. The bass is not great, but just enough to keep the music sounding full. The highs and mids were still clear.

If big booming bass is your thing, the Luxe earbuds will not perform to your specs, but if you like full range crisp and clear audio, they are above average for the price. I am having no problem carrying these and using them as my daily headphones.

Headphone Review: iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Bud with Microphone

It is important to keep price range in mind when reviewing or comparing headphones and ear buds. At $24.99 the Luxe Microbuds with Microphone fall into the super affordable range. The sound quality is really good compared to other products in this range with clear high and mid ranges and average bass. iFrogz made sure the product was stylish and the color choices make them easily personalized. The fit and quality are above average for the price. I can wear these buds for hours without ear fatigue. The metal connectors are a huge plus, too. I have had really expensive headphones fail at these two spots, so adding this feature makes these superior with comparable models.

For $25, the Luxe earbuds are a great buy.

iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Bud With Microphone

MSRP: $24.99

What I like: Style and sound are great. I like the metal connectors.

What could be improved: Slightly better bass response would make these compete with headphones in higher price ranges.

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