The SCOUT Toolkit Lightens Field Service Reps’ Loads

Do you need to locate, acquisition and verify satellite links? Probably not unless you have a military title before your name or you deal in some kind of surveying industry; if that describes you, then this is probably news you’ll welcome: Coolfire Solutions has just introduced SCOUT, a Satellite Communications Operational User Toolkit which has been “engineered to assist in the location, acquisition and verification of satellite links.” The total SCOUT Toolkit consists of The SCOUT Surveyor™ and SCOUT Observer™ mobile applications which run on the iPhone and iPad and are connected to the SCOUT™ hardware.

As Coolfire Solutions explains:

SATCOM Field Service Reps (FSRs) typically carry as much as 160 lbs. of test equipment with them in order to do their job. By combining lightweight test equipment in a single box along with the powerful computers that reside in today’s commercial smartphones, the SCOUT toolkit gives FSRs nearly identical capabilities in a 6-lb. box. The SCOUT toolkit includes a spectrum analyzer, power meter, multimeter, WiFi transceiver, USB hub computer processor, GPS receiver and several other tools in one small box. The Observer software can be run on a smartphone connected directly to the toolkit or via WiFi for remote operations.

It’s pretty cool to see how complicated equipment can be consolidated, shrunken, and hopefully made even more efficient!

SCOUT™ is available for pre-order now and will ship in Q4 2011; if you’ve been reading this post and couldn’t stop thinking how much you’ve been needing something like this, then you’ll want to fill out this inquiry form so that a rep can contact you.


Coolfire Solutions ( is proud to announce the launch of SCOUT™ (Satellite Communications Operational User Toolkit), a satellite communications toolkit engineered to assist in the location, acquisition and verification of satellite links.

The SCOUT Surveyor™ and SCOUT Observer™ are a combination of mobile applications run on the iPhone and iPad that are connected to the SCOUT™ hardware. The SCOUT™ hardware features include a spectrum analyzer, power meter, multimeter, LNB tester and terminal control software all in a single hardware package. Combining all of these tools into one kit provides a simpler user experience, and the ability to record and share more information with engineering and support personnel.

SCOUT™ condenses 160 lbs. of equipment into a single 6-lb. handheld device powered by a mobile communications device (Apple iPhone) to lighten the load for soldiers and make them more efficient in the field.  Moreover, SCOUT™ includes several guided workflows to help novice users conduct highly technical tests and alignments with little more training than understanding how to use an iPhone.

Invented by a former US Army SATCOM operator, SCOUT™ is the first device to bring the user-friendly interface of smartphones to the highly technical SATCOM industry.  Coolfire Solutions is the only company solely focused on using smartphone technology in the battlefield to make soldiers’ jobs – and lives – a bit easier.



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