iPad 2 Case Review: Noreve Saint-Tropez Traditional Leather Case for iPad 2

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There are a handful of leather accessory manufacturers who just “get it”. They know that when it comes to protecting expensive electronic devices there are people who want simple designs, great materials and excellent craftsmanship and are will to pay for it.  Among the companies on that short list is Noreve Saint-Tropez. Noreve knows how to make beautiful leather device cases that look great, add visual appeal AND protection and don’t add unneccessary bell and whistles. Sure, Noreve offers some fancier cases but they always make sure to have something simple, straight-forward and gorgeous available. That includes their new Traditional Leather Case for iPad 2. At just over $120 it is a bit on the pricey side but for the money you get beautiful leather, a design that enhances the device’s look and something that you will LOVE using.

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Elegant case conceived in top quality handcrafted leather

Practical thanks to its magnetic closure

Slim and padded design

Protects the device in an optimal manner

Access to basic functions (multiple openings on the leather)

Automatic stand-by magnet in the flap

Four business / credit card slots

Two interiors slip pockets, holds your cash, passport or travel tickets

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The case comes in a nice box that, if you are giving this case to someone else the box will enhance the gift, but does not waste interior packaging. I appreciate and respect that.

The case comes in a number of different colors and a range of finishes. This case is in a high gloss black finish but you can also get cases in mat black or textured leather.

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I love the fact that Noreve continues the tradition of branding their cases in the most subtle of ways. The small silver-colored button adds design interest to the otherwise plain case and lets those of us familiar with Noreve know that it is one of their elegant products.

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Inside the case you will see that Noreve didn’t want this to just serve as an iPad case but as a work station. On the left you can see slots for up to four cards and pockets for papers, tickets or other thin papers you might want to keep with you. Obviously you don’t want to over pack the slots and pockets but I can see them coming in VERY handy at times.


iPad 2 Case Review: Noreve Saint-Tropez Traditional Leather Case for iPad 2

It is difficult to see in the picture but the company came up with a fantastic way to securely hold the iPad in place without adding extra bulk. The left and right sides of the iPad compartment have a slightly thicker edge that extends just a bit into the center of the case. The function as “clips” for the edges of the iPad. You basically lay the iPad beneath one clip and then press the other side down until it “locks” in place. It not only works but it works well.

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The case sandwiches the iPad between two layers of leather. Add in the fact that the leather has some “puffiness” and depth to it and you get a case that looks great and really does protect the iPad as well.

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In this stock photo of the case you can see what it looks like in mat black. Gorgeous!!! You can also appreciate the fact that the cutouts for all the ports and controls are precise.

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You would expect this precision from a case costing over $100 and Noreve doesn’t disappoint.

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In all, this is one of the nicest cases I have had the opportunity to use. I’m not personally a fan of the shiny finish but that is just personal preference. A version of this case in simple black or brown would likely be one of my “daily drivers” for quite some time.

The simplicity of the design, when combined with the excellent craftsmanship and added utility thanks to the pockets, make this a great case for someone using their iPad in a work setting. While it does not offer the built-in stand functionality we have sen on other cases it does offer the automatic sleep/awake feature that debuted with Apple’s Smart Covers. (At this point I am hard-pressed to even consider a case that DOES NOT include such a feature.)

If you are looking for a gorgeous case, want a wide range of leather finish and color choices and don’t mind spending just over $120 on a case for your iPad this Noreve Traditional Leather Case for iPad 2 should be on your short list.

You can select colors and finishes and place your order directly here on the Noreve Saint-Tropez Website.

MSRP: $120.92

What I Like: Beautiful leather; great design; excellent craftsmanship yields a refined case that screams “quality”; unique system for holding the iPad that does not obscure even the slightest part of the iPad’s screen; cutouts precise; Automatic sleep/awake functionality works like a charm

What Needs Improvement: no built-in stand; pricey

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