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June 10, 2010 • Reviews

Review: M-EDGE Platform Jacket for iPad


Dan was kind enough to send me a few M-EDGE cases for the iPad to review. A few weeks ago I took a look at the Executive Jacket. Up next is their Platform Jacket. Made from authentic leather and available in three colors (Black, Purple and Red) the Platform Jacket is a flip up style case that is best suited for users who use their iPads predominately in the portrait position.

The case uses a tab closure style and the strap continues all along the back creating a handle which you can slide your hand under. This allows you to get a good grip on the iPad when you’re using it suspended (i.e. off your desk or lap.)


The tab is lengthy and does require a good deal of tucking to get it fully closed. But that’s necessarily a bad thing since it’ll keep a better lock on the flap.


The Platform Jacket uses a four-point harness system to secure and hold down the iPad. Two leather covered clips at the bottom and two elastic tabs at the top make sure your iPad won’t go anywhere.


Once seated inside the case the iPad stays true to its slim and sleek form factor. This is one of the least bulky cases of this type that I’ve seen.


The bottom of the case leaves the bottom of the iPad fully accessible. You can get to the dock connector to insert your charge and sync cable and all three speakers are free from obstruction.


As is the case with most cases that use this style of harness the top clips do cover part of the volume rocker. However, I never had an issue with it activating when I didn’t want it to and the rocker is still fully usable through the elastic tab.


On the top the microphone and headset jack port are completely accessible. The sleep/awake button is fully functional through the tab.


The inside of the case is lined with a gray, suede, microfiber material that’s soft to the tough. It also features pockets for storing business cards, papers, and other documents.


The Platform Jacket can also be used as a portrait stand. You simply flip the cover all the way back and then tuck the tab used to close the case back inside the other end. This creates an easle.


Over all the Platform Jacket has become one of my favorite cases. Personally I find myself using my iPad in portrait mode 95% of the time. This flip up style of case seems to work best in that regard. The leather smells wonderful, it’s not too bulky and its very affordable.


The M-EDGE Platform Jacket is available directly from the M-EDGE online store here.

M.S.R.P. – $49.95

What I like –Keeps the iPad in portrait mode mode of the time, double as a stand.

What I don’t like – Tab is a little long and sometimes gets in the way.

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    Review: M-EDGE Platform Jacket for iPad

  2. Love to see you test an Oberon case, Larry.

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