Castle Runner for iPhone/Touch

Castle Runner for iPhone/Touch

I remember a day when gaming was simple. The graphics were simple but made the point and game play required timing and easy actions to get as many points as possible. It is not that I do not love new games with fancy graphics and complicated game play, but sometimes it is fun when I have a few minutes to kill to go old school with a nice side scroller where timing is the name of the game. Castle Runner does just this and in a truly challenging manor. Let’s take a look.

Castle Runner for iPhone/Touch

Castle Runner is an action themed side scroll game of skill. Your character finds a treasure in the castle which causes it to begin to collapse. Race through the castle jumping over obstacles while sliding under falling walls. Make sure you keep up the pace as well as perfect timing to have a chance to make it out successfully.

“Are you ready to show off your running skills in the most dangerous escape ever?

Dodge obstacles and pick up items that will help you get out of the tumbling castle as fast as you can!


• High adrenaline arcade action

• Thrilling soundtrack to help keep you moving

• Smooth animations and responsive controls

• In-game visual instructions

• Countless hours of entertainment and fun

Castle Runner will give you all the fun and thrills to keep you coming back for more!”



Castle Runner for iPhone/Touch

The graphics are pretty simple for Castle Runner. Your character us running from the left side of the screen in a dark castle. My first thought when looking at the game is Castlevania which was one of my favorite Nintendo games. As your adventurer runs to escape the collapsing castle, he is met with several obstacles. Objects on the floor require you to jump over them and sections of the walls will either be hanging low from the ceiling or will be moving up and down. That is pretty much it. Some may not like the simplicity, but for short games it is challenging and fun.

Castle Runner for iPhone/Touch

The toughest part of the game is learning to use the controls. When the game starts, the character is off and running immediately so you must be prepared to get going. There are only two controls which sounds easy, but is surprisingly        challenging. To jump, swipe upward on the left third of the screen. To slide, swipe to the right on the right two-thirds of the screen. Despite sounding terribly easy, these controls took me a bit of time to somewhat master. During your trek through the dark castle, numerous bonuses will come across the path. Some of these will be beneficial while others will hinder your progress. One in particular darkens the screen other than a small amount of light on the character and another way out in front of him. Total concentration and timing are required to continue.

Castle Runner for iPhone/Touch

Do not let the simple look and controls of Castle Runner fool you, the game is addicting and super challenging. In fact, I was ready to write off the game after my first few attempts due to frustration, but was able to get my timing down and improve. I have not been able to completely master the game yet, but progress is slow and steady. If there are other levels I would not know yet, but your score is recorded by the distances traveled. Go check out Castle Runner here in the app store for $.99. Be patient and practice, and you will begin to master the escape.

What I like: Simple controls and game play coupled with challenging game play make the game addicting.

What could be improved: A change in scenery; I would like to see levels so things look different throughout the game.


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