Gear Games Review: Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse

Gear Games Review: Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse

Gamers are a funny group when it comes to controllers, and none are more particular than PC gamers with their mice. I remember years ago buying a BOX of Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 mice … that is 5 mice! That way I had one for any situation or possible computer I would access. The reason? The two side buttons were perfect for games like Jedi Knight II where I could assign them to Force Push and Pull. The question now: is the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse something to inspire that sort of idiotic devotion? Read on and see!

The Hype:
We’ve taken everything that made the original Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse great and made it even greater! We’ve ramped up the DPI to a whopping 5000, quickened the response time to just 1 m/s, added even more customizable buttons and given it an even sleeker, sturdier form factor for an incredible look and feel. All for the same original low price of $49.95!

Gear Games Review: Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse

The Reality:

I have to separate this review into two parts – hardware and software. The fact that I am doing that should tell you that my experiences were NOT the same for both!

OK, let me get the nasty part out of the way first … because the mouse itself is awesome!

I decided to hook up the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse to my Alienware gaming laptop first, since … well … I use it for gaming. It is a new laptop, and has only had one other mouse hooked up to it (the aforementioned Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 … yes I still use them a decade later!). The Alienware is my gaming workhorse, and I have yet to have a significant issue – until now.

I read the enclosed instructions and attempted to get the mouse to properly install. Since the Alienware has no optical disk I used the downloaded drivers from the website … and nothing worked right. I ended up logging a case with Rude Gameware – and they were very responsive. I was able to get it working on a HP system I had for review, so eventually I uninstalled everything, tweaked the registry, and started fresh with my external DVD drive and the install CD. This time it worked.

Once installed, the utility software works well – but don’t expect it to be very helpful in telling you what is what. They seem to expect that gamers using the utility will already know what to do – and fortunately I did. But I had my kids try to get it working on their Dell XPS laptop … and they had no clue about most of the settings!

Gear Games Review: Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse


The second I pulled the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse from the package I said ‘oooh’! It has a satisfying heft and a solid feel, and the fiber-wrapped cord is light and tangle-resistant.

Here are a few of the features:

  • 5000 DPI Laser Engine
  • 1000 Hz polling with 1 millisecond response time
  • Onboard memory to save your modifications
  • 7 independently programmable buttons and macro support
  • Adjustable weights
  • Zero-acoustic ultra smooth Teflon feet
  • Always-On mode
  • On the fly sensitivity DPI adjustment (no driver needed)
  • LED DPI Indicator
  • Gold plated USB connector for maximum conductivity
  • 7 foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord
  • Included customization software

Why do I provide a rote feature list from the manufacturer? Because it tells you an awful lot about what sort of hardware this is: with a normal mouse you would have to reprogram the mouse with each new computer, and likely with a variety of different games.

Gear Games Review: Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse

With this mouse you have two things going on: an incredibly sensitive hardware configuration, and firmware that is flexible and easily configured – and that remembers your settings!

In terms of the hardware there are a few things to note: the weight, balance, the smooth glide on just about any surface, and the location of the myriad programmable buttons.

Compared with most mice, the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse has more ‘heft’ – it feels heavier yet not actually too heavy. Frankly it seems to be build like a tank! It cradles in your palm securely and moves naturally as you move your hand. It is the best feeling mouse I have used in years!

The mouse has excellent balance out of the box, but depending on how you place your hand on the mouse you might need more weight – so Rude Gameware has included a box with extra weights you can insert into a pop-out drawer. You can insert them one at a time and fine-tune things until you get that perfect feel. Since I am used to light-weight mice, I went without extra weights – but it is great to know they are there!

Gear Games Review: Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse

When using the mouse, the first thing you will notice is how well it moves – this is true on just about any surface! I used it alongside my normal mouse and the difference was stunning. The difference is the Teflon feet which make the mouse feel like it is floating on air.

In terms of buttons, I have to confess that I immediately look for those thumb-level buttons to map to Force Push and Pull … even if I’m not playing the Star Wars Jedi games! Once I got past that, I found the other buttons extremely useful as well. There is the normal multifunction mouse wheel, a button behind the wheel that changes the color of the mouse! There are also two buttons alongside where your left finger would rest. By default these control system volume, but like everything else can be reassigned and saved to a profile that travels with the mouse.

And that is finally why I have completely forgiven my early bad driver experience and truly love this mouse – it is as powerful as it is unassuming: there are seven programmable buttons, but it doesn’t look any different from a normal mouse. It is perfectly weighted and balanced without feeling so game-specific to be useless in a business setting.

Is the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse for you? If you are like many folks and a nice $20 wireless laptop mouse meets your needs, then NO. However, if you play any sorts of games where a multitude of controls and fast response times are critical (shooters, strategy, and other action games) … then the $50 you pay for the Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse will seem like a bargain – well, it will if you get the drivers and control panel software installed easily.

Where to Buy: Rude Gameware

Price: $49.99

What I Like: Excellent programmability; great balanced feel; works great on any surface; excellent combination of precision and sensitivity.

What Needs Improvement: Driver software was a total pain to get configured on a gaming laptop; no Mac support.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

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