Your Car Is Naked without a Carstache

Your Car Is Naked without a Carstache

Sure, your car visits the car wash often, and you’ve carefully kept the paint looking fresh, maybe spruced it up with wax or an air freshener. But your car is not truly complete without a key accessory: the CARSTACHE! Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. From the company:

QUESTION: Will having a Carstache® change your life?

ANSWER: YES, it will make it better.

We made the Carstache® purely because we think it’s funny and it makes people smile. No other reason. When people see a Carstache® on the streets they laugh, wave, thumbs-up, fist pump, gun flex, wink wink, kiss kiss, you name it.

Some of you will rock Carstaches on a day to day basis, and for that you are awesome. For most the Carstache® is a sensational flare piece for events and special occasions like tailgates, birthdays, bachelor parties, Bar Mitzvah’s, Father’s Day, weddings, Halloween, Cinco-de-Mustache, etc… When you drive into a tailgate with a Carstache® you get free beer, hot dogs, and high fives.

From the Hills of Hollywood to the Plains of Panama to the Alps of Awesometown, let it be known that the Carstache® has arrived! Your car grille has been naked until now. It’s time to ‘stache up and feel the power!

Carstache® car mustaches became available for retail purchase on April 12th, 2010. Carstache LLC is located in San Francisco, CA.

Carstache® LLC is the undisputed global leader in automotive facial hair, delivering the industry’s most luxurious in car mustaches.

Awesome is as awesome does…

~ Ethan at Carstache®

While they don’t explicitly state it, I’m assuming the Carstache looks extra good on a Pontiac Firebird…

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  1. It may be fun, but wouldn’t that seriously interfere with the function of the radiator?

    Sorry to be practical…

  2. Rumor has it that a Prius will get better MPG in the winter if the radiator is blocked. Very tempting to me …

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