Portable Speaker Review: The Bomb from iFrogz

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Portable Speaker Review: The Bomb from iFrogz Listen to this article

Portable Speaker Review: The Bomb from iFrogz

I cannot tell a lie. I love speaker solutions. With music being totally mobile and always available in my pocket, I love having many ways to listen to my audio content. Some options are quite expensive and include bluetooth connections and high-end audio, but sometimes I just need something inexpensive, easy to carry and convenient. iFrogz has introduced a speaker system that fits this category and they call it, “the Bomb”. I have been able to spend a little time with the Bomb so let’s take a look and see how it sounds.

Portable Speaker Review: The Bomb from iFrogz

The Bomb is a reasonably priced speaker solution that can play through any device with a 3.5mm output. Although it is carried as one solid ball, the bomb is actually two speakers and will provide stereo audio while on the go.

Tech Specs

  • Speaker: 50 mm
  • Active Power: 2w x 2
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Power Supply Voltage: 4.5 – 6v
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 89 +/- dB
  • Frequency Response: 220 Hz – 18,000 Hz
  • Sound
    The Bomb delivers stereo sound, super-deep bass, smooth, undistorted highs, and crystal clear vocals.
  • Compatibility
    Portable speakers connect to any media player via a 3.5 mm input jack. Powered by USB port or 3 triple-A batteries, which are not included.

Portable Speaker Review: The Bomb from iFrogz

The other night, a buddy and I were assembling a new gas grill in my garage. It was pretty late at night and we were in no hurry, but we did decide that some tunes were in order. Since I was in my garage, there was no access to any of my large speaker systems and we did not need huge sound, just some music. I ran inside and grabbed the Bomb and started a play list from my iPod. Several hours later, we were still hanging in the garage admiring our handy work and still enjoying the music. My wife came in and requested that I bring that speaker with us when we take the travel trailer camping this summer. Not a bad idea. The Bomb is perfect for music on the go when larger systems are not available and you just need to listen to some music. It is small, stylish, light and sounds pretty good.

Portable Speaker Review: The Bomb from iFrogz

Despite arriving looking like a ball, the Bomb is two speakers that can be taken apart while in use. When joined, the speakers are about 12-14 inches which is around the size of a softball. Six stylish colors are available ensuring a choice for just about everyone. A 3.5mm audio jack can be stuck outside of the unit while put together in the mall so using the speakers in this setup is no problem. Taking the speakers apart will reveal the power switch as well as battery compartment. The Bomb is powered by three AAA batteries which are usually readily available in any store or household. The speakers will now be in two equal parts connected by a coiled white cord. The cord is pretty thin and actually feels kind of cheap. A better cord would be much nicer.

Portable Speaker Review: The Bomb from iFrogz

The speakers are molded in colored plastic with a soft rubber edge in a contrasting color. The soft edge is what allows the two speakers to be connected without falling apart. Protecting the speaker is a small plastic grill that is transparent and tinted in the main color of the unit. The back of the unit includes a small port used to assist in the audio quality from the speaker. The design of the speakers have curvy lines and a new stylish feel. The do look pretty cool.

Portable Speaker Review: The Bomb from iFrogz

The audio output is sufficient for use as a personal speaker system such as on a counter top or sitting on a picnic table eating with friends. These are not for large rooms or high-definition sound, so keep that in mind if you decide to give them a try. I found the audio quality to be decent in the prescribed conditions and for the price range of the unit. One thing you cannot do is listen to your music through these speakers on full volume. Full volume will cause quite a bit of distortion, but turning the level slightly down will provide good output. There is kind of a sweet spot for the volume which is easy to find to get the best results. Remember, with 2 watt speakers, not much power is needed to get full sound. Music played through the speakers is clear and full ranged. There is not booming bass, but adequate enough to fill out the ranges of a song. The highs and mids are really good and crisp. I have no problem enjoying listening to music of any genre through the speakers. We use The Bomb many evenings while we sit on the deck and watch the sunset.

As inexpensive speakers go, the iFrogz Bomb does a great job of combining style with function creating a good solution for portable personal speakers. A variety of colors makes them fit your personality and they always look cool when in use. The audio is surprisingly good considering the small size of the unit and the fact that they run off of just three AAA batteries. The Bomb will definitely tag along with the family on our trips this summer and all of our barbecue time.

The Bomb personal speaker

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: These speakers are stylish and travel well. The sound is good considering their small size

What Needs Improvement: I do not care for the small cord that connects the two speakers together

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