IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile

The IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic is something totally new and hugely innovative. As the company notes it, “Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile” and does so in a smart, innovative way that musicians are going to love. It is the first acoustic guitar mobile microphone/interface for use with iOS devices, Macs and Androids too! It is nicely-priced and easy to use!

As IK Multimedia explains,

“Now acoustic players can get stunning, studio-microphone quality sound for recording and live performance from any acoustic guitar anytime and everywhere.”

iRig is the best-selling mobile interface of all time. With the iRig Acoustic it is, well, going acoustic!

IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile

The iRig Acoustic was inspired by a must-see documentary on flamenco guitar master Paco de Lucia. It is “an innovative and extremely compact patent-pending clip-on acoustic guitar microphone/interface for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Android.” Featuring advanced miniature microphone technology, the iRig Acoustic has a rich quality of sound that “beats piezo and magnetic pickups and rivals professional-grade studio microphones at a price that’s much more affordable.”

The pickup installs in seconds by simply clipping it onto the rim of a guitar or ukulele’s sound hole. It is that simple fast and easy to get up and running in seconds with this nifty little music gadget.

IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile

The iRig Acoustic pairs with the AmpliTube Acoustic companion app. This is another first, as AmpliTube Acoustic is a tone studio designed specifically for acoustic players. Used together, they let musicians create amazing acoustic music.

IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile

  • Sound quality of studio mics-only better: There’s no argument that the best acoustic guitar sound reproduction comes from placing a high-end condenser studio microphone in just the right position in front of the guitar. iRig Acoustic, when used with AmpliTube Acoustic, is designed to perfectly replicate that ideal mic placement and accurately capture the full frequency range, tonal character, and complex harmonics and overtones of acoustic guitars. It’s able to do this thanks to the combination of its uniquely designed microphone enclosure, which combines the latest MEMS (MicroElectrical-Mechanical System) microphone technology with an omnidirectional polar pattern, placement of the microphone just inside the sound hole where the output is optimal and the sound is very detailed and focused, and the “calibration” process that optimizes the guitar sound like it is being miked externally with a high quality studio microphone. These technologies combine to capture the “complete picture” of an acoustic guitar — every vibration and sonic interaction — unlike piezo-electric pickups or magnetics that just capture the vibrations of the body top or strings. Simply put, iRig Acoustic delivers a pure and full representation of an acoustic guitar’s tonal characteristics.


  • More on MEMS: iRig Acoustic utilizes a MEMS microphone to deliver amazingly real acoustic sound. MEMS (MicroElectrical-Mechanical System) is the cutting edge of microphone technology-you are most likely already utilizing this technology without even knowing for many smartphones use MEMS technology mics. These microphones are very efficient and offer outstanding reliability and audio capture. They deliver a very precise compensation and accurate flat frequency response while being very resistant to mechanical vibrations that produce unwanted sounds, thus providing a very clear, open tone. In addition, MEMS mics are very durable and stable so iRig Acoustic will deliver consistent, detailed, and focused sound performance after performance.IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile
  • Easy installation-clip on, plug in: iRig Acoustic offers you the convenience of being easy to install (or remove) on any guitar-no modification of any instrument is required to use iRig Acoustic. It simply securely clips on to the rim of the soundhole of an acoustic instrument and you’re ready to play. Because you can easily install and remove it, you can use iRig Acoustic on all of your acoustics, even during the same set!
    IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile
  • True mobility: What truly makes iRig Acoustic unique is the fact that it delivers studio-quality sound AND allows players to freely move around on stage or in the studio without feedback or altering the sound. This is virtually impossible to do when utilizing traditional acoustic miking techniques in the studio or in live performance situations.
  • Headphones or Line Out: iRig Acoustic plugs into your device headphone/input jack with a standard 1/8” TRRS cable that also allows you to monitor your performance thanks to the female stereo output jack placed on the in-line cable. Plug your headphones into this jack for private practice and monitoring, or you can line out to a mixer or powered speaker for full stereo acoustic performance.
    IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile
  • Steel String, Classical, Ukes, Oh My!: The body of iRig Acoustic is made of soft non-marring rubber material so it prevents scratches and marks when being installed or removed from an instrument. It can be installed on any stringed instruments with a circular sound-hole: steel-string acoustics, nylon-string classicals, ukuleles, and more.
    IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Reinvents Guitar Miking for Mobile
  • Your complete mobile acoustic tone studio: iRig Acoustic comes with AmpliTube Acoustic, the new acoustic-specific AmpliTube app designed for processing and recording acoustic guitar and ukuleles.

The AmpliTube Acoustic app is available on the App Store. Additional amp models, effects and features are available via in-app purchase.

To learn more or order your visit the product page here.

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