Random Cool Video: Classic Sesame Street

Random Cool Video: Classic Sesame Street

I consider my family fortunate – I grew up watching Sesame Street when it was brand new, and my kids got to experience it as well during a time when both classic and new material was presented side-by-side, and there were plenty of videos, computer games, and music CD’s to enjoy! Last week my wife was shuffling on her iPod and ‘What do I do when I’m alone’ came on, a hold-over favorite from when the kids were little (I still have Rainbow Connection on my iPod!).

Then this weekend a post at Buzzfeed looked at a bunch of classic clips from Sesame Street. Here are a few:

C is for Cookie

Ernie Singing Rubber Duckie

Kermit reminds us “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Hilarious Edu-skit Fly in My Soup

Bert Singing & Dancing ‘Doin’ the Pigeon’

Bonus – Rainbow Connection

And the one that started this whole sentimental journey, What Do I Do When I’m Alone

What are your favorite Sesame Street memories?

Source: Buzzfeed

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