Pop Goes the Music Diary: Original Cindy Ain’t Down With That

Pop Goes the Music Diary: Original Cindy Ain't Down With That

OK, so my family has been on a Dark Angel kick lately, plowing through the entire series on DVD (which I grabbed on Goozex). One of the best things is the endless stream of quips from ‘Original Cindy’ (OC). She always seems to have a comment to match the situation, such as when Normal gets involved with a transgender woman who discovers she is a lesbian … “Original Cindy is just too straight to hook up with a science-fiction girlfriend.”

Anyway, this weekend we watched some of the Billboard ‘Awards’ show, which largely tossed out popularity prizes and reminded us why sometimes it IS better when these performers lip-sync! During the show, pop singer Beyonce was hailed for the money she has made Sony Music Group her great success as a pop singer, actress and ‘role model’.

The people giving her acclaim noted how she was ‘an original’, so of course it is ironic (but not surprising) that it was quickly revealed that her stage show was largely a copy & paste from another artist. Someone even went to the trouble of putting them side by side. Not exact, but close enough to see that one was entirely based on the other.

My OC quote? “Original Cindy ain’t down with a girlfriend putting her smack on another woman’s pack!” OK, it is crappy … but then, so is this awful Beyonce song! Take a look!

I say that this is ‘not surprising’, because that is simply where we are with pop music. Lady Gaga’s new recording lifts liberally from pop history, particularly Madonna, where the people writing the music (i.e. NOT Lady Gaga) make sure it is all familiar sounding but change enough to avoid lawsuits. Same is true for Beyonce.

As for the rest of the awards show, it was somewhere between laughable and sad. Oh – but they made sure there was no “Esperanza Spalding moment” – Justin Beiber and Eminem got their awards for being really popular. Yay.

Source: Buzzfeed

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  1. I like how Normal tried to roll with the knowledge that his new gf was transgender, too; wouldn’t have expected it of him. What did he say to her? Something like, “So you’ve had a few after-market modifications; I still care for you.”

  2. I agree – it was handled really well … when we watched the pilot (for the first time since original run) my wife said ‘this is even better than I remember’!

  3. Yeah. Shame about the second season, but what can one do, eh?

    Say what you want about James Cameron; he can deliver some real kick-ass female characters (Sarah Conner; Ripley; Max; even Rose from “Titanic”).

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