Photography Gear Review: USBfever HDMI Adapters and Retractable Audio 3.5mm Jack AUX Auxiliary Cable

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My pile of field production equipment is ever-growing. I am a “one-man-band” of sorts so I am constantly looking for gear and “doo-dads” to make production work easier.

Recently I picked up a great set of headphones (which I will feature in a separate post), and I learned the Swann RC helicopter won’t lift my HDHero POV camera — so no aerial shots for right now.

When I first began updating all of my camera gear, I remember receiving a note from announcing some HDMI to mini HDMI adapters and cables. I also remember saying to myself “What the heck would I do with that stuff?”

Well, no sooner do I get my new Nikon D7000 out of the box, than I realize right there on the side of the body is – wait for it – a mini HDMI jack for live viewing or reviewing your work.

So why all the hoopla? For a one-man-show such as myself, I can view my shot if I am doing a standup and make sure I am in the frame properly. For those who work as part of a production crew, it is very difficult for everyone to crowd around that tiny 3-inch monitor screen on the camera. Connect to a larger hi-def monitor via the mini HDMI jack, and everyone gets a little elbow room.

Even the camera information you select to be shown in the viewfinder appears on the monitor. Cool because now you have more than one set of eyes checking your settings, and it eliminates the crew from bugging you about ISO, shutter and aperture.

One other cable I requested from was a retractable cord with right angle stereo mini plugs on each end. The reason for this cable is to connect my mini-shotgun microphone to the mic input on the camera and not have the slack dangling everywhere. The reason for the right angle plug is so that I don’t get poked in the forehead when viewing my scene and settings in the viewfinder or when shooting a few stills during video production.

Straight Mini HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter
Product Code#:UFAA002309


Standard HDMI Plug to Mini HDMI Plug Extension Cable
Product Code#:AK599-B302

MSRP: $19.99

Retractable Audio 3.5MM Jack AUX Auxiliary Cable
Product Code#:UFAE001232

MSRP: $3.99

What I Like: Expands my productivity and flexibility in studio or in the field

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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