The CleanDr LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit and More Review

It’s been a while since I have heard from Digital Innovations.  They have since released many updates to their cleaning products I have previously reviewed so they sent me a box of goodies to share here on Gear Diary.  Let’s see if they are any better than the 2009 versions.

First up is their 2 new products made for cleaning both high-definition TV’s as well as LCD’s of all types from desktops to laptops, along with a product line for mobile devices.  Both of these are similar, but the mobile device screen cleaner is sized smaller.  They both do an excellent job at cleaning any screen I have tried cleaning.

I have also tried it cleaning the back of the Sansa Fuze+ I have been using as my main podcast listening device and it did a great job with that too.  To clean your screen, just spray the cleaner on the cloth it comes with, wipe it on with the wet side and dry it off with the dry side of the cloth.  Any residue quickly evaporates leaving a streak free view.

I like this better than the last screen cleaning product I reviewed from them as it’s a bit more flexible in how you use it since it has no need for a wand.

The CleanDr LCD/Plasma Screen Cleaning Kit is available on or direct from Digital Innovations.

MSRP: $19.99

The ScreenDr Mobile Device Screen Cleaning Kit is available on or direct from Digital Innovations.

MSRP: $6.99

What I liked: Both products worked great and were simple to use.

What needs improvement: Nothing.

Next is their new Blu-ray/DVD player cleaner and calibration disk that they call the CleanDr for Blu-ray Laser Lens Cleaner.  The nice thing is that while it’s made to work with Blu-ray’s tighter tolerances it does work with DVD players as well.  The cleaning cycle takes about 2 minutes to complete.  I couldn’t really tell a difference in the picture quality after cleaning but maybe it’s because I rarely use my DVD player since I started using Netflix streaming.  In any case, if you still view physical media a lot this product can keep your player free of dust and cut down on picture quality problems.

The disk also can calibrate your system.  This calibration feature is very rudimentary.  There are better discs out there for tuning your picture for the best color reproduction.  However, if this is all you have it’s better than nothing.

The CleanDr for Blu-ray Laser Lens Cleaner disc is available direct from Digital Innovations.

MSRP: $14,99

What I liked: Simple to use.

What needs improvement: If it’s indeed for Blu-Ray, the calibration tools should be in High Definition and they are not since the same disk works in a DVD player.

Finally, there’s a new SkipDr for Blu-ray Disc Repair amd Cleaning System.  This product is similar to the other SkipDr products but this one is aimed at repairing and cleaning Blu-ray discs.  I don’t have any Blu-ray movies, but I did test this with some DVD’s and it worked to my satisfaction.  If you take care of your discs, you won’t really need to use this product but if you have kids it is almost impossible to avoid scratching or getting filth everything, especially DVDs, so make sure you get one of these cleaners and plenty of extra cleaner and replacement wheels as you will use it frequently.

As with any of these products, there is a chance it will not work for you.  If the scratch is into the data layer of the disc, then the disc is a lost cause.  There is also a chance that it may damage one of your discs but if you follow the instructions this is virtually impossible.

The SkipDr for Blu-ray Disc Repair and Cleaning System is available on or direct from Digital Innovations.

MSRP: $39.99

What I liked: Did the job adequately on lightly scratched disks.  Cleaning works well.

What needs improvement: It’s a little loud but I guess this may be unavoidable since it uses a motor and spinning wheel.

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