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June 8, 2011 • News

How Does Blue Improve a Yeti? You make him a Pro!

A year and a half ago I was able to review the Blue Yeti with Larry.   I love the Blue Yeti and use it every Wednesday when I record the Linux Link Tech Show as well as the occasional episode of Hacker Public Radio. It’s almost a perfect product.  However, there’s one thing missing that makes the Yeti less of a perfect device for a professional.  That is an XLR output.  Blue has changed that Yeti of a Microphone and made him a pro by adding a XLR output on the bottom allowing you to plug the Yeti Pro into any soundboard that can provide phantom power.  They also kept the USB connector on the bottom so you can still plug it directly into your laptop and enjoy recording great audio easily from almost anywhere!  The Blue Yeti Pro is available now from for about $236.  Stay tuned right here for a full review of the Blue Yeti Pro!

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