iPad Accessory Review: Prop ‘n Go All-In-One

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Here’s an iPad accessory that took me a bit by surprise. When I first took a quick look at it I figured this thing would be a bit silly: interesting but silly. Then the thing came and my first thought was “This thing is a big pillow with an iPad stand sewn to the top of it”. Then I used it for a few days and thought, “Okay, this thing gets a good review.” 🙂

What is “this thing”? It is the Prop ‘n Go from Padded Spaces and it is a well conceived, nicely executed, off-the-beaten-path accessory for anyone who finds themselves using their iPad all the time.

Here’s a look.

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About the Company:

Padded Spaces LLC. is a design and manufacturing company that was created just days after the Apple iPad was announced. The company was formed around a single question: How can we make the iPad and tablet experience even better? Our answer is the Prop ‘n Go.

We at Padded Spaces are dedicated to creating new and innovative products. We strive to use the most environmentally friendly and sustainable supplies and processes to create our products. We pay all of our employees a fair livable wage. All of our products are Made in the USA with some imported materials by our exceptional Padded Spaces crew.

The Prop ‘n Go comes in two choices of material. You can get either the “Breath-easy air-mesh” that is “sporty, cushy, and ultra-breathable” or you can order the micro suede fabric that is “plush, soft, and comfy”. The company sent me the “breath-easy air-mesh” version and it is indeed “sporty, cushy and ultra-breathable”. It is also very well made. Seams are tight and the various pieces fit together perfectly. There is no question that this accessory was designed and built to be used.

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The “Prop” aspect of the “Prop ‘n Go”:

The top of the Prop ‘n Go is a pair of hard plastic, hinged “plates” that lift up to reveal a series of grooves. These grooves are designed to hold the hinged pieces at a variety of angles. As the company explains,

14 variable angles at your control. The iPad rests between 9° and 74°. Add an iPad Smart Cover and add 17 more angles, including downward angles. Whether on a desk or in a lap, the perfect angle is at hand.

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Along side the hinged plastic are two rubber tracks. These strips

…grip your device, not letting go. Shake, rattle or roll Prop ‘n Go up to 35° in either direction and your device will stay put. Prop ‘n Go takes bumpy rides in stride and begs for restless legs.

Working together the rubber tracks and the hinged plastic plates can be set to hold the iPad (or any tablet for that matter) at a highly shallow angle…

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or at a rather steep one.

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As the company notes, the Prop ‘n Go

supports Apple iPad® 1 and 2. Works in portrait or landscape, even with the power cord connected. An iPad stand for car, bed, couch and even more. Hands-free positioning allows you to compute and multi-task anywhere.

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Here’s a look from the side with the iPad at a rather steep angle.

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And here it is at a far shallower angle. As you can see I have my iPad in a case and the Prop ‘n Go holds it just fine.

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But the Prop ‘n Go has more tricks up its sleeve. You see, while the top of the Prop ‘n Go is the iPad stand the bottom isn’t just a pillow that sits comfortably on your lap (although it does do that).

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The thick end of the pillow-bottom is a padded storage compartment that “keeps your device safe and secure while not in use.” That means you can “store headphones, cords, bricks and most other accessories in Prop ‘n Go.”

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The compartment is nicely padded and swallows the iPad, even when it has a case on!

But wait… There’s more!!!


Inside the padded compartment is a roll of additional material that, when unrolled, becomes a storage bag and “backpack” for carrying the Prop ‘n Go.


In other words the Prop ‘n Go swallows up your iPad and accessories and the attached bag flips over the Prop ‘n Go and swallows it up.


As the company explains, the

hidden backpack takes your tablet and stand on the road. A discreet iPad bag that protects against the rain, wind and dirt with rip-stop nylon. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Unzip, unroll, wrap

Not only does it work but it works quite well.

As I said at the beginning the Prop ‘n Go took me by surprise. I didn’t think I would like it all that much but after using it for a while I like it… A lot! While I do not see myself carrying the Prop ‘n Go around town I do see myself using it at home quite often and, if I have a big road trip coming up I just might take it along.

The Prop ‘n Go comes in three versions. With prices ranging from $39.95 to $59.95. We received the All-In-One for review and I like the extra features it offers. You can order your own right here on the company web site.


MSRP as reviewed: $59.95

What I Like: Surprisingly useful iPad accessory; Makes it comfortable to use your iPad on your lap; holds the iPad securely in place; can be used with other tablets and with tablets in a variety of cases; has a pocket to store the iPad and accessories; comes with its own bag

What Needs Improvement: All-In-One version is a bit pricey considering you are also going to want to buy a case for daily use as well

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  1. Thanks for a very helpful review. I am thinking of getting this one for my travel needs. The only thing holding me back: I was originally looking for a portable light lap desk or surface I could fold or roll and put in my back pack.

    I stumbled onto this, and saw the seller’s YouTube video demoing it. It looks very cool, and I love the extra features of the storage compartment, and blackstrap carry case. The only thing holding me back, is the cost, and the fact that I travel with a lot if things in my backpack. Since this would probably not fit in the backpack, and would not be able to carry all my other gear, it might not work as a travel solution.

    Still want one, though for my normal on-the-go needs. Looks very cool.

    Thanks again.

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