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I seem to never have enough chargers or charging cables on hand, probably because I never unwrap the ones that come with my devices (better resale later, y’all!). Aftermarket cables are a necessity for me, which is why I try to find ones that not only work well, they also look good. Just Mobile’s latest accessories totally fit that bill.

Dan reviewed a couple of Just Mobile’s new products recently, the AluCable Mini (I need to buy a couple of these), the Highway Max, and the AluCable Twist (which I will be also be buying). I’ve got two more products to tell you about which continue the gorgeous yet functional aluminum theme …

Just Mobile Highway Duo

See this? It’s the charging setup I’ve got in my car right now. Don’t get me wrong: it works, but this somewhat organized beginning that you see here is the source of an eventual cable mess. Each cord is at least three feet long, and that’s about two feet longer than they need to be.


And here’s the solution …


How brilliant is that? Assuming that you own a newish iPhone or iPad, of course. The Highway Duo has a 2.1A fast charge Lightning connector built right in, but because so many of us also carry non-iOS devices, there is a 1A USB slot built into the end of the plug. Brilliant and elegant.


The end of the DC plug is also with aluminum; doing so gives the Highway Duo just the right amount of flash on what would be an otherwise useful — albeit slightly utilitarian — gadget.

  • 1m coiled Lightning cable with 2.1A output for fast charge
  • Apple certified – Works with iPod, iPhone & iPad
  • USB port with 1A output
  • Fused for surge protection
  • Green micro-LED power light

The cable can stretch up to one meter, but when that type of length isn’t needed, the coil compresses to become a much more compact package.


Having the Lightning cable built in means one less cable to buy, and the USB port means that I am set when I need something other than a Lightning charger. Being Apple certified means that I’ll never see that obnoxious message that tells me that the cable I’m using doesn’t work with my device. Don’t you hate it when that happens? =P

The Just Mobile Highway Duo is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Looks fab, and works perfectly; 2.1A Lightning cable is built into the charging plug; no need to buy an extra cable (or use your stock cable)

What Needs Improvement: Yeah, yeah … it’s $40, but just look at it!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

Just Mobile AluCable

My main computer is a MacBook Pro retina, which has a lovely matte silver metal case; the magnetic power cord that came with it has a matching metal cap on it, but all of the iPhone or iPad cables I’ve ever attached to this or any other MacBook I’ve owned has been made of plastic. Just Mobile’s AluCable, on the other hand, begins and ends with beautiful matte aluminum …


… which perfectly matches my MacBook Pro.


  • 1.5m USB-to-Lightning connector cable
  • Apple certified – works with iPhone, iPad and most iPods
  • Premium aluminium finishing

The Just mobile AluCable is thick and rubbery; it feels much more substantial than any Apple cable, although I realize that’s not saying much. But considering that the AluCable is a bit thicker than other round after-market cables I’ve used (and isn’t wrapped in a woven covering that will eventually unravel), I believe that it will last a longer than many of the others I have tried. The only caveat I can come up with is that the end of the Lightning plug is a bit more substantial than the stock one, so this cable will not fit into cases that have a small charging hole.

I realize that any Apple cable and many after-market cables will charge my iPhone or iPad just fine, but none of them will look as good as these do while they’re doing it. Plus there’s the fact that the AluCable is just about 60″ long, so it’s perfect if (like me) you like to read from your iPad in bed as it charges. The AluCcable is another excellent example of Just Mobile’s dedication to form and function, and if they hadn’t sent me one to review, I would have purchased it anyway.

The Just Mobile AluCable is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $24.95

What I Like: ~60″ thick charging cable with beautiful aluminum wraps on each end … what’s not to like?

What Needs Improvement: The Lightning connector end is wider than stock, which will be an issue with some cases

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

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