Random Cool App: Track the Final Shuttle Mission With GoAtlantis

Random Cool App: Track the Final Shuttle Mission With GoAtlantis

As we prepare for the historic final Space Shuttle mission, many of us who grew up with Apollo and then the advent of the Space Shuttle are feeling a bit nostalgic. If that feeling describes you, or perhaps you just love keeping track of the Space Shuttle as it courses through space above the Earth, then the new app GoAtlantis is just what you need!

According to an article at SmartPlanet:

A new iPhone and iPad app, GoAtlantis, will allow you to do just that. It will track the space shuttle in real time and, using your phone’s locating function, will tell you when the shuttle will be in your area and where exactly you can catch a glimpse of it.

Until the shuttle launches, you can practice looking for the space station in the night sky.

Developed by GoSoftWorks, the app is offered for free to commemorate 30 years of NASA’s space shuttle program.

And since it seems the launch WILL be delayed, there is extra time to get used to using the app to search the shuttle out in the sky.

Head to the iTunes App Store and grab GoAtlantis for free – it is a universal app!

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