The Circle of Technological Life, or, RIP Kindle 1

The Circle of Technological Life, or, RIP Kindle 1(while not actually our bedroom, a pretty close approximation)

This is the conversation that used to go on in my house a few years ago:

Me: Hey Sarah, would you like me to buy you a Kindle?

Sarah: No, I don’t need one, look, I have all these books piled up on my nightstand.

This is the conversation that went on earlier this year:

Me: Hey Sarah, would you like me to buy you a Kindle?

Sarah: No, I don’t need one, but can I borrow your old Kindle once in a while?

This was the conversation a few weeks ago:

Sarah: Hey, I looked at all those Kindle Summer Deals…can you buy these books and put them on your old Kindle?

Me: Sure. Do you want a new Kindle?

Sarah: No, old Kindle works great.

So that was status quo in our house…I was slowly working Sarah into the idea of ebooks, and she was coming around to the idea of reading regularly on a Kindle. Everyone was happy. Except, apparently, this guy:

The Circle of Technological Life, or, RIP Kindle 1

Don’t let the innocent expression fool you. He was either intensely jealous that time spent reading was time not spent playing catch, or he was mad he didn’t have a Kindle of his own. Either way, Porter enacted his revenge last weekend, when 100lbs of labrador collided with a few ounces of Kindle…and it’s pretty clear who won.

The Circle of Technological Life, or, RIP Kindle 1

It’s a sad circle of technological life. If it’s not the dog and his destruct-o dance, it’s the batteries, or the screen, or simply oblivion as the latest and greatest appears. Still, my original Kindle was a great device. It was not only my gateway into the ebook world, but Sarah’s as well. My Kindle 1 has been everywhere from the Bahamas to Seattle, and everywhere in between. It was a solid companion, and while I’ve moved on, I’m still sad to see it go.

RIP Kindle 1…you served us well. And now Sarah will finally get a new Kindle…whether she likes it or not!

Have you had any faithful devices go down fighting? Share your stories below!

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2 Comments on "The Circle of Technological Life, or, RIP Kindle 1"

  1. Joel McLaughlin | July 8, 2011 at 3:24 pm |


    I swear pets have no idea why we like our electronic thingy’s more than a rubber ball or treat.

  2. Michael Siebenaler | July 8, 2011 at 3:42 pm |

    Nice Kindle 1 story. Most of our devices are still fighting! My stereo has all the buttons broken off, but the tape decks still work…25 years and going. Saved up all summer in 1986 to buy it from the JcPenny catalog. 🙂 I wish the buttons were embedded on our Kindle thought. They are really wearing out quickly and we have barely had it a year.

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