First Look: Case-Mate Tut “Creatures” Case for iPhone 4

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Every now and then a review sample will arrive in some packaging that really catches your eye. Most of the time such things seem to come from Case-Mate. For example, their Case-Mate Fuel case arrived last year with an actual gas can. (Obviously it was effective since I still remember it.) Well we just got back to town and, lo and behold, Case-Mate sent a neat package with…


…one of their new Creature cases.

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I was wondering why a box came that was kept closed with “Caution” tape and had air holes punched into it.

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The mystery grew when I pulled out this “Care Card” explaining diet, care, affection levels and more.

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Of course this is Case-Mate so there had to be a case involved and… there was. Inside was a silicon wrap-style case. Say hello to “Tut”.

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Who or what is Tut? This is what Case-Mate has to say….

Meet trouble’s best friend. Tut wraps the iPhone 4 into a silicone case with plenty of bandages.

Enclosing the iPhone with a snug fit for extra protection, Tut’s always prepared for any type of mischief he may encounter. Like that time he decided to skateboard in the grocery store. The raised silicone bandages add texture—and hide the scars from the giant ketchup display that happened to collapse on him. Not even the innovative lay flat design can keep him out of harm’s way. His one-eyed look may appear innocent, but we all know he has a knack for trouble.

Mummy-inspired case with a frighteningly fun look

Raised silicone pieces create an easy-to-hold grip

Form fit feature covers corners

Impact resistant, flexible silicone shell

Access to all ports and functions

Fits with Verizon, AT&T and International iPhone 4

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Of course even a mummy-inspired iPhone 4 case has got to eat…

The Tut can be ordered from Case-Mate right here for $24.99. No, you won’t get the funny packaging but you will get a rather unusual case!

What’s that you say? You WANT the funky packaging??? Check back next week and we’ll give Tut and the whole deal to one lucky reader!

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