Jackery Jewel Lightning Power Cable Review: Sync, Charge, and Power!

Most of us keep a charging cable (or two) in our bags or in our car, and many of us keep an extended battery pack in our bags. Sometimes it’s a bit much to carry that extra battery, but if you carry the Jackery Jewel lightning Power Cable, you’ll have a two-in-one power solution.

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The Jackery Jewel functions as a very useful 39.4″ sync and charge cable; the cable itself is rubber-coated and tangle-free. Closer to the Lightning end of the cable, there’s an approximately 4″ long torpedo shaped addition to the cord; it’s a 450mAh battery pack built into the cable!

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450mAh is enough to give your iPhone 3S an additional 3 hours of battery life; the cable is MFI certified, so you should never see the dreaded “this accessory is not compatible … ” warning that sometimes pops up when you’re using a non-MFI certified accessory (so aggravating).  On the front, there is a power button that when pressed starts the battery pack when it is attached to your phone.

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The Jackery Jewel cable has an included velcro wrapper that’s handy when storing the cord.

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When you have the Jackery Jewel plugged into a USB port, it is not necessary to press the button for it to sync or charge your device, but when that extra 450mAh is needed, it’s just a button push away. I like that normal use of the cable keeps the battery topped off, and being able to bring it along means you are also bringing along a mini battery pack; it’s the best of both worlds.

The Jackery Jewel Lightning Cable retails for $19.99, and it is available from Amazon [affiliate link]

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: 450mAh battery pack built into an MFI certified sync and charge cable; Price of regular cable gets you a portable battery pack; Clever design; Enough power to charge an iPhone 6 for 3 extra hours

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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