The Elgato Avea Is a Smart Light You Can Use with Your Apple Watch

With the availability of the Apple Watch coming soon, that can only mean that accessories are coming out left and right. So it’s no surprise that Elgato announced late Wednesday that their Avea smart light will be compatible with it.

The latest version of their app is built for the Apple Watch and will allow users to pick their favorite dynamic light moods right from their wrists. Simply raising your wrist, you can see which Avea light mood is currently being used. Tap the “Glance” setting to switch to the selection menu of scenes and solid colors. By applying a Force Touch, you will be able to bring up a scenes settings. And just for good measure, you can program Avea’s Wake-Up light directly from your wrist.

The Elgato Avea is a Smart Light You Can Use With Your Apple Watch
2015 seems to be the year of the “Smart Home”. And with the Avea smart light having similarities to the Phillips HUE, it’s not as expensive, and it’s certainly not an ordinary light bulb. It can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet for starters.

The Elgato Avea is a Smart Light You Can Use With Your Apple Watch

Elgatos’s Avea is an seven-watt LED bulb with a class A energy rating. You’ll be able to control up to ten of the lights with one device via bluetooth, which is so smart and efficient that it doesn’t need to have a consistent connection for it to work. So instead of wasting your time physically turning on and off the switch, you can control it’s settings, down to the eight colors, from your phone.

The Elgato Avea is a Smart Light You Can Use With Your Apple Watch

If you’re in the market for a smart light (or a few) for your home, you should go to Elgato’s site, as the Avea is currently on sale for $39.95.

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