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One of the first high-end leather cases I had the opportunity to review for the original iPad was the Sena Folio. It was made from gorgeous leather, was beautifully crafted and actually looked better as it “wore in”. Sena offers two different Folio cases for the iPad 2 in addition to the Florence that we have reviewed recently. One of the Folio offerings, the Sena Folio Classic, maintains the same style as the original but adds the magnetic sleep/awake functionality. The additional design goes by the simple name “Folio”. It offers three different positions thanks to two built-in stands but lacks the magnetic sleep/awake functionality. Here’s a closer look.

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From Sena:

The Folio is the perfect accessory to add sophisticated style to your iPad 2. This leather portfolio book design is comprised of premium leather providing a soft layer to gently protect your iPad 2. The integrated 3 position stand allows you to watch videos or view photos in portrait or landscape as well as set iPad 2 in a typing position while in case. Offered in classic genuine leather, the Folio is perfect for any sophisticated setting. The secure flap with snap closure provides a snug fit to your iPad 2. Its rigid protective layer reinforces additional backbone support for durability. It is individually handcrafted from the finest genuine Napa leather with Sena’s well-known quality and strong attention to detail. The Folio offers protective functionality with a sophisticated designer style.

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Hand-crafted from the finest quality full grain, genuine leather

Leather book style side-folding design

Integrated 3 position stand function

Use iPad 2 while in case

Watch videos while in case (landscape position)

View photos while in case (portrait position)

Type while in case (typing position)

Soft velvet lining with light protective layer

Multiple credit card pockets

Cutouts for play-thru functionality

Charge/sync port opening

Secure strap with snap closure

Easy device access

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Sena has simplified their packaging. On the one hand it means there is less waste. On the other hand I really loved the fancy presentation they used to offer. Given the choice between the two however I personally would vote for the current simplified approach.

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As usual Sena sent me a review sample in black leather. I always prefer this as it look classy and is appropriate for any setting. (Bright red might look stunning for example but I’m not sure I would want to carry a red leather case into a meeting.)

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The back of the case has a small cutout for the camera lens. It is a precise cutout that is just large enough to avoid blocking the lens but small enough to not leave more of the area exposed than necessary.

If you look at the tab of leather that keeps the Folio closed you’ll see that there is a female sided snap on the exterior of the case. This comes into play when the cover of the Folio is folded back and placed flat on the back of the case. The snap then ensures that it won’t flop around loose.

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Here’s a look at the case when it is open but empty. On the left side you’ll see two different flaps of leather that function as stands. The rectangular one toward the center of the case places the case at a perfect angle for typing. The longer one places the iPad at a perfect angle for viewing content.


The five parallel slits hold an assortment of cards if need be. If you look carefully you will see that one side of the cards would, when the case was closed, sit on the upper leather frame surrounding the iPad. This would keep the cards from coming into contact with the iPad’s screen. Still, I don’t personally like the idea of hard credit cards coming anywhere close to my iPad 2’s screen.

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Here’s a look from the back. I love the clean lines of this case.

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The Folio for iPad 2 uses the same system as the Florence to secure the iPad inside. I like this approach despite the fact that it adds a little bulk at that specific point in the case.

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The iPad slips right into the case.

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Once secured the iPad is held securely with the leather frame covering the black or white border of the iPad. Dips at the top and bottom leave the Home button and camera exposed.

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When closed it all makes a nice package and the leather tab keeps it all securely closed.

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An iPad sandwich. Tasty.

IMG 4956 wm

Another look.

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As noted previously there is an extra snap on the back of the case. The cover flips over, snaps in place and then stays open. It is a simple but effective way to keep the case open and let you have full access to the iPad when using it.

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You can then flip open the smaller of the two stands and get typing.

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Or you can open the larger stand and watch a movie.

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Here it is when the larger of the two stands is in use.

IMG 4969 wm

And a side view.

IMG 4970 wm

A bit closer.

IMG 4971 wm

From the back.

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The typing stand is a great angle when you need to get work done. Personally I find the leather framing the iPad gets in the way a bit and caused some mistyped words but that may have everything to do with the fact that one of my wrists is fused and can’t bend toward the screen. As the leather around the frame wears in and gets softer I suspect that even my issue with the frame getting in the way would decrease. (I say “would” because I won’t see the leather wear in. No, we will be giving this review sample away next month!!)

I love the quality and design of this case. It is a bit more bulky and weighty than the Florence (the Rev3 Florence hasn’t left my iPad 2 since it arrived) but it does offer an excellent system of stands. The snap on the back of the case is brilliant. My big issue with this case is the lack of the Sleep/Awake functionality. The Folio Classic has it. This Folio doesn’t. I missed it and, as I have noted elsewhere, I’m not a fan of using any case that doesn’t have it. If this functionality isn’t important to you I would recommend checking this beautiful case out. If it IS important to you you might want to check out the Folio Classic or Florence instead.

You can find this case and the other’s in Sena’s iPad 2 case lineup here on the Sena site.

The Sena Folio is $99.99 and can be ordered here in the Sena website.

MSRP: $99.99

What I Like: It’s from Sena!; Gorgeous leather and excellent construction; Two different stands built-in; Snap on the back keeps the cover in an open position.

What Needs Improvement: Lacks the Sleep/Awake functionality that arrived with the iPad 2; a bit heavy and bulky; I find the leather frame gets in the way a tiny bit when typing.



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