M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

M-Edge has a wide variety of case options out for the iPad.  We’ve had the chance to review a few of them already, but their Executive Jacket might be the most sophisticated of the bunch.  The book style case is available in 2 synthetic leather colors and 6 authentic leather colors; it features a four-point harness for mounting your iPad inside the case.

Whether you’re in a board room, office, meeting or just off to school this case seeks to be your go-to, offering the protection you need with the style you want.

I was sent a Black version of the authentic leather to review by M-Edge.  As I opened it I was immediately hit by the smell of real leather.  As a child, my parents took my on frequent trips to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  While there we’d wander the streets of downtown visiting the countless leather shops.  To this day the smell of real leather reminds me of those trips.  I found myself picking up the Executive Case throughout the day and just smelling it.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

According to M-Edge the Executive specs are as follows:

  • Tailored specifically for iPad with luxurious, rich leather
  • Utilizes a four-point mounting system to hold the iPad in place; closure strap also acts as a bookstand that enables device to be used in landscape orientation.
  • Closure strap includes an ergonomic handle that is lined for comfort to allow user to comfortably hold the device, freeing the other hand for navigation on the iPad screen.
  • Solid front & back construction with plush grey interior for maximum device protection; Jacket allows access to all ports and buttons.
  • Elastic tabs are included along the interior spine of the jacket for ear bud cable management.

The Executive Case utilizes a long tab to secure itself closed.  At first the tab is stiff and hard to insert but after a little bit of use it loosens up and slides in and out quite easily.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

The four-point system for mounting the iPad inside the case feature two tabs at the bottom and two straps at the top.  Normally I’m a little hesitant to use cases that use this sort of system but that wasn’t the case with the Executive.  The fit is superb and once you have your iPad properly seated it’s not going anywhere.

The entire inside of the case is line with a suede material that’s soft to the touch.  It features three pockets to store business cards, paper and other items.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

The bottom tabs hold the iPad in place, while the top feature elastic tabs which secure it down to the back of the case.  I have a full body Clear Coat protectant skin on my iPad, and it fit quite nicely inside the case.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

The book style case allows for an open bottom, which means you’ll be able to charge your iPad without removing it from the case.  You’ll have to use the charging cable though, as this case doesn’t allow for use with the Apple iPad dock.   An open bottom also allows for access to the iPad’s three speakers so you still be able to hear audio alerts, music etc.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

The top of the case is open as well so accessing the sleep/awake button, headset jack and microphone isn’t an issue either.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

Using the iPad while it’s tucked inside the Executive case is a breeze.  While on your desk it opens fully so that the cover doesn’t get in the way.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

The case also features a convenient strap along the back.  You slide your free hand through the strap and it acts like a cradle for the case/iPad.

M-Edge Executive Jacket for iPad Review

I’ve used a few book style cases for the iPad, but the M-Edge Executive is just about the nicest I’ve tried.  The black leather and white stitching is among my favorite combinations.  The inside of the case features a soft lining which I know will keep my iPad’s screen safe, and I’m confident the four-point mounting system is secure.

With six colors to choose from the case is perfect for just about anyone.

Check it out on the M-Edge web site here.

M.S.R.P. – $39.99 – $49.99

What I like – Beautiful leather, looks and smells great, sturdy construction, wide variety of colors.

What I don’t like – Cover doesn’t open all the way around.

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  1. Nice looking case! Just not a fan of the 4 leather straps which hold the iPad in place, looks like it’d get in the way of the screen a little. I’ve seen a couple of other cases from M-Edge and they all look fantastic.

  2. Time to review the new Oberon iPad case, Larry!

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