John Hodgman on Bookstores

John Hodgman on Bookstores

There are almost no words to describe the hysterical segment of “The Daily Show” where John Hodgman explains his view of bookstores to Jon Stewart. It’s a must watch. As much as Hodgman is aiming for humor, he hits a few serious points as well.

Now, humorous or not, he actually noted a few things that are ridiculous, yet true:

1) Borders actually piloted a program of downloading music at in-store kiosks. They worked out about as well as you’d expect.

2) We actually did host a night where authors wrote, but it was a poetry seminar.

3) Yes, bookstore employees can be exactly as irritating as he described.

In fact, most of what John Hodgman said was sadly true. It’s just funnier when he says it!

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2 Comments on "John Hodgman on Bookstores"

  1. Hilarious stuff!

    Although whenever I see John Hodgman, I always think “I’m a PC”

  2. Jamie Poster | August 19, 2011 at 11:34 am |

    Oh Carly thank you for posting that!! This is a much-needed diversion from my pre-semester prep work.

    He does indeed nail the bookstore/videostore/recordstore-nerd totally perfectly (of course, not all bookstore employees are condescending!).

    What I love about the piece is that it also speaks to the sadness of the closing. It’s in Hodgman-jokey fashion, but it’s a lament.

    Thanks again for posting it.

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