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August 26, 2011 • News

Food Sanitation Just Got a Lot Easier with the CleanCut Touchless Automatic Towel Dispenser


A few years ago Elana trained as a chef at the Natural Gourmet Cooking School. One of the most important lessons she learned had to do with food sanitation. (She’s a nut about it which is a good thing. She also once commented that “If you knew what went on in some restaurant kitchens you would never eat out again.”) It is important to keep kitchen surfaces as clean as possible and that means, in part, using paper towels to ensure that all surfaces touched by raw food are sprayed and cleaned on a regular basis. To ensure this happen, on any given day you might see five or ten sheets of paper towel already torn and sitting on top of the roll. This lets Elana grab one and spray the countertop with ease. Now a new kitchen gadget does one better.


Gadgets and Gear is now carrying the “Touchless Automatic Towel Dispenser“.

The dispenser

uses state of the art LED sensors to dispense and cut paper towel to any length you choose. Simply break the beam on the right with your hand and towel instantly starts to dispense, as soon as you remove your hand from the beam, paper towel stops dispensing.

Once the paper stops dispensing the device then cuts the towel at the chosen length using a self-sharpening blade that will never dull or need to be replaced. And in keeping with food sanitation, the product explains that “Because the user does not touch anything while dispensing or cutting paper towel it dramatically reduces cross contamination in the kitchen”.

It is a very cool kitchen gadget that comes in Black, White or Stainless with prices starting at $139.95. Here’s a video of it in action followed by a link so you can grab your own.

More information and ordering can be found here.

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