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A few weeks ago we took a look at the Monster Cable iSport waterproof headphones. They are pricey but sound great and are, in fact, truly waterproof. They are machine washable!! If you don’t need the same level of audio quality but still want waterproof headphones JLab’s Wave headset is worth a look. While the Wave is not machine washable it IS waterproof and has the huge advantage of not requiring a separate mp3 player. You see, the Wave IS the mp3 player. It MAY look like a pair of in-ear headphones connected by a ridged neck wire but the Wave headphones house 2GB of storage and the mp3 player. That makes the Wave a simple, light, great option for listening to music on the go.

Let’s look at what JLab has to say about them and then take a video look at the Wave Waterproof mp3 player.


From JLab:

Take your workouts and water sports to the next level with the 100% fully submersible waterproof and sweatproof WAVE MP3 Player Headphones by JLab. The perfect addition to your work out bag, the WAVE’s ergonomic, cord-free design is ideal for swimmers, cyclists, runners, triathletes, walkers, hikers, water and snow sports, and any kind of workout or commuter. Tested by triathletes, the WAVE is designed to provide a high fidelity experience with your hottest workout jams in the most demanding conditions, energizing you to swim, cycle, run, and flex longer and faster than ever before. Setting up your WAVE is hassle free and plug and play for PC and Mac. Simply plug in the included USB cable to recharge the lithium ion battery, and drag and drop your songs into the WAVE folder and you’re ready to rock. The 2GB built-in memory holds 400-600 songs, which can be updated or changed at any time. Streamline rocker buttons allow you to track forward / backward, play / pause, and control volume. The mini USB port is protected by a watertight, twist-and-lock plug, with an extra back-up plug included.

Includes 7 pairs of soft noise isolating tips (Single S/M/L, Double and Triple S/L) for a custom fit and seal for both water and dry use. Also includes clear instructions for use. The WAVE has been tested and approved by swimmers with highly sensitive ears. Replacement cables, USB port plugs, and silicone tips are available from JLab on Amazon. Please carefully review the manual prior to use.



• 100% Fully Waterproof and Sweatproof 2GB MP3 Player Headphones

• Ideal for swimmers, cyclists, runners, triathletes, walkers, hikers, water and snow sports, and any kind of workout

• Noise-isolating in-ear style cushions with ergonomic cord free design

• Rechargeable lithion ion battery provides up to 10 hours of play time

• Includes 7 pairs of soft silicone tips for water and land use, USB 2.0 Mini Cable, User Manual and 1 year limited warranty

Technical Details:

• Volume, Track, and Play/Pause Controls

• 2GB Built-in Memory

• Supports MP3 and WMA files

• Built-in 190 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery

• Up to 10 hours play time

• The IP Waterproof rating is IPX8 (100% fully submersible for
extended use)

• Includes 7 pairs of tips, USB mini cable, extra port plug, and manual

• Safe for Fresh, Pool and Salt Water Swimming

• Limited 1 Year Warranty with special water-use terms

I was surprised at how comfortable the Wave headset was. I was also pleasantly surprised by the audio quality it offered. Sure, in recent months I’ve had the chance to listen to some high-end headphones that blow the Wave away (and I’m reviewing a pair now that… are… amazing!!!) but they cost many times what you’ll pay for the Wave and they aren’t waterproof, standalone mp3 players. The Wave is.

The Wave does have some limitations. Although I did enjoy listening to JLab’s Wave and will use them in the future without hesitation, the audio is a bit on the thin side. In addition, the Wave is limited to just 2GB of storage, handles a limited range of audio formats (mp3 and WMA) and doesn’t offer playlist support or other forms of customization. At the same time, as a light, standalone, waterproof wearable mp3 player the Wave is pretty much in a category of its own. It is a decent value at its MSRP of $79.95 and a good deal at the $49.95 it is currently listed for on the JLab site. If you want a soundtrack for your active lifestyle and don’t want to risk damaging your expensive smartphone or mp3 player the Wave is worth a serious look.

You can check out details or order one here on the JLab website.

MSRP: $79.95, on sale currently for $49.95

What I Like: Light, comfortable, wearable mp3 player; Waterproof; Currently under $50

What Needs Improvement: Audio quality is good but not stellar; limited to 2GB of storage; Handles limited audio formats; no playlist support

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