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September 9, 2011 • News

Hey Judie, Your Next Phone Just Called…


Judie, forget about the Vertu you reviewed last June and are using as your daily-driver. Serously, THIS phone makes THAT phone look like… like… a Moto Razr. Behold the Æ+Y PHONE. With a price STARTING at $10,425 it is sure to impress and make pretty much every other phone feel inadequate.


No, it doesn’t have the cool concierge service the Vertu offers but hey, with such fine materials, and handcrafted artistry they had to cut corners somewhere. The phone is on pre-order with a  gold option also available. As the site explains,

Æsir is currently taking pre-orders for the first production quantity of the Æ+Y phone. The Æ+Y is being made in limited quantities, due to the specialist and labour intensive processes involved in its making. Expected shipping dates vary by region, and are currently as follows:

Stainless steel version
– EU countries: Summer 2011
– Hong Kong, Mainland China, USA: Fall 2011

Gold version
– EU countries, Hong Kong, Mainland China, USA: Winter 2011

You can read more here.

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