MOG Music Service Adds Mac Desktop Player

MOG Music Service Adds Mac Desktop Player

I have been happily using MOG subscription music service for a little over a month. For most of my life I have been a huge collector of music. I never thought I would quit keeping physical media, much less give up owning a copy, in favor of a streaming service. Long story short, I am in love with the service! And it just keeps getting better.

The MOG staff seems to be interested in listening to, and acting on, feedback from users. One thing I had requested was a resident Mac desktop app instead of the web interface. Well, the desktop app was released in the Mac App Store yesterday. It is free. It downloads quickly. And you have me to thank for it! Okay, not so much.

MOG Music Service Adds Mac Desktop Player

The desktop application looks fantastic. The interface is clean and the overall user-experience is far superior to the original web interface. All of the homepage features are included and easy to use. From that one screen you can browse and listen to playlists, check charts and edit the play queue. Play controls are located conveniently on the top left along with the name of the current song playing. There is also a search interface.

The ability to create and build playlists via drag and drop is excellent and I see some more huge playlists in my future! The social integration is also great. From the top of the window I was able to quickly share the tracks and albums I was listening to on both Facebook and Twitter. Since the application is in beta I am sure MOG plans on tweaking it in the future. As a first offering though I am impressed. The email I received indicated that a Windows version is on the way and my fingers are crossed that a native iPad app will soon arrive too so I can stop using the iPhone app in double-pixel mode. What is clear is that the company seems to get it and is interested in listening to feedback and improving the user experience.

Since the app just came out,I have only been using the application for a short period but, so far, I am truly impressed.  I plan on keeping my subscription going for a long time!

MOG Music Service Adds Mac Desktop Player

Subscribers can find the new Mac desktop application here in the Mac app store. The MOG service is $10/month with a 14 day trial period. To check out the service, visit their website here.

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  1. Glad to see – Spotify and Rdio each have a desktop client, so it is good to see MOG get there … though honestly I have just used their web app through Chrome!

    Their latest newsletter also said they are getting close to releasing their iPad app as well!  Great stuff!

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