Oberon Designs Women’s Wallet Review

Oberon Designs Women's Wallet Review

I’m a simple leather wallet type of girl. In fact, I’ve had the same worn men’s wallet from Target for several years. But when I’m out at a business meeting, or at a formal event, it’s not the best image when I reach for my wallet and whip out my Target special. So when Oberon offered me the chance to review their women’s wallet, I jumped.

Oberon Designs Women's Wallet Review

When I opened the package with the wallet, my first thought was that it was almost too nice to take it out of the house. Also, it seemed huge compared to my everyday wallet. But so much prettier! Like the large eReader sleeve, it has intricate and beautiful designs on both sides, but unlike the sleeve, the leather is soft and not stiff. It is very pleasant to hold and doesn’t need any breaking in period. I also really love the elastic and metal to close it. At first, I was worried it would feel cheap, but it actually works wonderfully. The tiny bit of elastic seems to blend in, and the most prominent feature of the closure system is the beautiful metal leaf the elastic hooks into. It adds a touch of brightness to the green of the wallet, plus it just looks great. What’s really neat is when you open the wallet and lay it flat, face down. That’s when you see this isn’t two separate, intricate designs on each side, but one continuous work of art.

Oberon Designs Women's Wallet Review

Inside there is just as much careful design. There are six slots for credit cards, plus several long pockets for cash, receipts, a checkbook, etc. There’s even a loop for a pen and a zipper area. Basically, this wallet can hold just about anything and everything. In fact, that’s exactly how I used it! When I was in Maine for a wedding, I used the wallet as a clutch during the rehearsal dinner. I was able to fit credit cards, cash, my Droid, the key to my Prius and the key to where we were staying, all in the Oberon wallet. Everything not only fit well in there, but it was also comfortable to hold and garnered compliments on the beautiful design. What really amazed me was that despite all that stuff crammed inside, nothing felt loose. My cards stayed tightly in their slots, loose cash didn’t fall out, and even the Droid stayed put. It is a testament to the craftsmanship of the wallet that each section is cut and designed perfectly, even when stuffed to the limit.

Oberon Designs Women's Wallet Review

And if you find yourself stuffing so much in the wallet that you need a bigger clasp, Oberon thoughtfully includes multiple elastic lengths. The elastic is the one weak point on the wallet since it won’t last as long as leather or metal, so it’s great to see the replacements included. Just be sure to keep the extras in a safe spot, since they’re small and easily lost (or they may just end up in the same black hole as the extra buttons on dress shirts).

Oberon Designs Women's Wallet Review

Overall, I really liked the Oberon Women’s Wallet. It was a bit too big for my everyday carry, but it was perfect for a formal event. As a clutch, it’s a bit different from the typical tiny purse, plus it looks significantly nicer in my opinion! Every time I pick this wallet up to work on this review, I notice another intricate detail of design and style — it’s that striking. At first blush $118 sounds like a lot for a wallet, but after using and holding it, I can tell you this is a gorgeous wallet that will last you forever and is worth every penny!

The Oberon Designs Women’s Wallet can be purchased in multiple colors and designs from Oberon’s website.

MSRP: $118

What I like: Incredibly intricate design; Soft leather; Plenty of slots for everything you might need; Expands to hold a shocking amount of stuff, making it the perfect clutch

What  Needs Improvement: Large for an everyday wallet, unless you carry a bag everywhere you go


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