LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts Review: Comfort and Durability That Looks Great, Too!

The Lowdown

Whether it is the breathable mesh liner for added comfort, the back, thigh, and hidden zipper pockets for added security, or the gusseted crotch for increased freedom of movement, the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts were made for people who love being active.

LIVSN might not yet be a household name in performance clothing, but it should be. Their Flex Canvas Pants are among the most comfortable I own, and their Flex Canvas Shorts have the same great features but in a version better suited to summer. Their Ecotrek Trail Pants offered a lighter weight option, and now the Ecotrek Trail Shorts are ready for summer.

A portion of a pair of yellow LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts is shown, including the waistband, a belt loop, and a zippered right hip pocket.

I’ve been impressed with LIVSN’s products since I first encountered the brand more than two years ago. Their clothing is designed for comfort and packed with zippered pockets, specialty pockets for everyday carry items, gussets for both the wearer’s comfort and the pants’ durability, and reflective ribbon on the cuffs when you roll them up.

I’ve been wearing the Flex Canvas Pants and Shorts constantly since doing the reviews, and both still look brand new. I especially love that the pants are designed for hiking and climbing but are refined enough that I’ve worn them to the office countless times. (The Flex Canvas Pants, that is. The shorts… not so much.)

The Ecotrek Trail Shorts are the shorts version of the Ecotrek Trail Pants we included in this year’s holiday gift guide.

The LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts are lighter than the Flex Canvas Shorts but still packed with features. They weigh 179gsm (5.3oz) and are made from a combination of 70% Recycled Nylon from recycled ocean buoys, 25% Nylon, and 5% Spandex with a PFC-Free C0 DWR Coating; LLIVSN calls this fabric Blue Ocean Nylon with good reason.

The bulk of this ocean waste is used or retired buoys recycled locally in Taiwan, reducing the total carbon footprint of the product. Blue Ocean fabric breathes when it’s hot and insulates when it’s cold. It’s water-resistant, sweat-wicking, abrasion-resistant, quick-drying, and very stretchy. It drapes well with a matte finish.

Man wearing a pair of army green LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts; he is also wearing a long-sleeved black knit shirt

In other words, the fabric used for the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts makes a good pair of shorts and does good for the world. Add in a generous 8 1/2″ inseam (I prefer my shorts on the longer side), zippered pockets, and reinforcement in areas that commonly “fail,” and you start to get the sense that these aren’t some cheap, throwaway shorts but an actual garment.

And there’s more. The Blue Ocean fabric is water, stain, odor, and abrasion resistant and dries quickly. These are shorts that are meant to be lived in all summer long!

The Ecotrek Trail Shorts are the perfect complement to our Ecotrek Pants, truly built to withstand whatever you throw at them. They breathe great in hot weather, shed rain when it’s wet outside, and dry out incredibly fast. They’ve become an instant favorite of hikers and those who love the occasional dip in a creek. We added an internal drawstring, a larger zippered media pocket, and a reinforced EDC pocket for higher performance on the trail. Best of all, they look normal.

Let’s take a walk around the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts.

Reinforced stitching on the left front hem and pocket on a khaki colored pair of LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts

Everything on the shorts is “overbuilt.” They have double-needle stitching for strength and DWR treatment for water and stain resistance. So while the shorts may initially appear like “just another pair of shorts,” when you look closer, you see how much thought went into their design.

Closeup detail of the rear top left of a pair of khaki LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts showing the waistband, belt loops, and left rear pocket.

The waistband is thick and is specifically designed for both comfort and durability. The belt loops are double or triple-sewn, and every seam is straight and tight.

And while the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts have a durable YKK zipper and a metal button with a leather backing for durability, the company also included a drawstring for extra comfort and “adjustability.”

The front pockets on the left and right are made from a robust, breathable mesh. They are deep, which helps keep items where they belong. They also have large openings, making reaching inside easy and grabbing what you need. There are even internal phone sleeves inside the pockets to help keep your mobile device from flopping around. On top of that, the front left pocket has a hidden interior zippered pocket for extra security.

Detail of the right front pocket on a pair pf khaki LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts showing the waistband, belt loop, and slash pocket.

In other words, LIVSN took the time to consider HOW people use the front pockets of their shorts and then built those pockets into the Ecotrek Trail Shorts.

Large rear pockets are made from the same breathable mesh as the front pockets.

A closeup of the large zippered pocket on the rear right hip on a khaki pair of LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts

YKK zippers are hidden beneath fabric flaps and help keep everything secure. The company could easily have included the zippers without the flaps that hide them, but while that would have been functional, it would not have provided the same clean, finished appearance.

Subtle EDC Pockets: Our twin sideseam welt pockets keep your knife or other every day carry (EDC) items accessible and out of the way.

Pockets for your phone or other everyday carry items are on the left and right thigh. They, too, have hidden YKK zippers.

The gusseted crotch on a pair of khaki LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts

The gusseted crotch, a feature on every pair of LIVSN pants or shorts I have reviewed, increases comfort and flexibility while wearing them and, as the company puts it, “prevents blowouts.”

Mesh on the inside of the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts

Finally, a soft, interior mesh liner adds to the comfort of these shorts and helps you stay cool on hot summer days. As the company explains,

Wicking and super soft, our unique mesh liner reduces sweat and is ridiculously comfortable on your most important parts. Mesh lining creates airspace for temperature control, an important tool to fight sweating through your shorts.

LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts Features:

  • Ecotrek fabric content: 70% Blue Ocean, 25% Nylon, 5% Spandex Twill
  • Top waistband seam rolled forward for comfort
  • Gusseted crotch for articulation and to prevent blowouts
  • Rear pockets secured with YKK Vislon lockdown zippers
  • Integrated EDC & phone pocket on each thigh
  • Ventilated and deep StrongMesh front pockets
  • Internal phone sleeves in front pockets
  • Double bartacks at the lower front pocket for strength
  • Hidden security pocket in the left front pocket
  • True flat felled inseams and center seam for strength
  • YKK Vislon zipper fly for easy operation
  • Leather washer behind front button for strength
  • Double-needle stitching throughout for strength
  • DWR treatment

Rear view of a man wearing an army green pair of LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts; you can see the left zippered hip pocket and a zippered pocket on the rear left leg.

LIVSN won me over with the Flex Canvas Pants. The design and durability were impressive, and I’ve found that the company’s design choices make a difference in comfort and durability. Those same design ideas have been utilized in the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts; the result is a fantastic pair of shorts that are ready for spring and summer days while enjoying the great outdoors.

Whether it is the breathable mesh liner for added comfort, the back, thigh, and hidden zipper pockets for added security, or the gusseted crotch for increased freedom of movement, the LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts were made for people who love being active. And yet, although the Ecotrek Shorts are unapologetically overbuilt, the shorts don’t look the part. Or, as LIVSN put it, “Best of all, they look normal.”

I love these shorts and can’t wait for the weather to be warm enough for me to wear them. In the meantime, spring is here, and if you pick up a pair of these shorts, I suspect that you, like me, will want to live in them as the days get warmer.

The LIVSN Ecotrek Trail Shorts sell for $89; they are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Durable; Packed with features; Plenty of pockets with a number offering the security of YKK zippers; Mesh liner breaths and Blue Ocean fabric dry quickly

What Needs Improvement: Only available in two colors at this time

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