iPad 2 Case Review: ZENUS iPad 2 Leather Case ‘Prestige’ HandCraft Stitch Pouch Series

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We got our hands on two different cases for the iPad 2 from a company called ZENUS. We had not seen their offerings previously but were immediately impressed by the sheer number and variety of cases they have available. The first of the two cases we’ll look at is the ZENUS iPad 2 Leather Case ‘Prestige’ HandCraft Stitch Pouch Series. The off-white case has a nice look and feel. If you tend to be a fan of pouch-style cases it is worth a look.

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ZENUS ‘Prestige’ Handcraft Stitch Series is a pouch type case made of high quality genuine leathers that are specially treated to be glossy and shiny. The edge is punched and laced using hand craft stitch with lace made of genuine leather to create rustic yet very sophisticated look and feel. Its sustainability, creativity, and practically refined design will suggest a refreshed style for your iPad 2 device.

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Sophisticated pouch-type trendy concept case.

Original leather with a luxury shine.

Stable and watertight product protection.

Hand Crafted Stitching with an original leather strap that delivers luxurious collectible value.

Raw Materials: Outer: 100% Genuine leather: Inner: 5mm Soft Chamude

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Pouch-style cases are among the simplest cases available. That makes it hard to distinguish one from another but ZENUS has gone to lengths to make theirs stand out from the crowd. The off-white leather looks and feels great.

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The stitching that holds the front and the back together stands out thanks to the stark contrast in color and is reminiscent of a baseball. The seam running vertically about a quarter of the way into the leather back doesn’t do anything functionally but it does add even more interest to the case. In all ZENUS has done a nice job of making a pouch that does not look like a “me too” case”.

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As always, I appreciate it when a company doesn’t make their product a huge advertisement but instead includes the name in a small and subtle manner.

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The pouch has a magnetic clasp that does a good job of holding the tab of leather securely over the opening. I’m not a huge fan of having metal so close to my iPad’s bezel but, so long as you are careful, they should never come into contact with one another.

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The iPad slips down into the pouch with ease. The fit is not too tight and not too loose. In other words it is “just right”.

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The flap then folds over the top and is secured in place by the magnetic clasp.

In all there isn’t all that much to say about the ZENUS iPad 2 Leather Case ‘Prestige’ HandCraft Stitch Pouch. It is well made, uses nice leather, good hardware and has stitching that “pops”. I’m not a huge fan of pouch-style cases and I don’t love the fact that some of the iPad’s bezel is left exposed at the area by the leather flap but if you ARE a fan of pouch-style cases you might want to give this a look. But only do so if you are willing to shell out significant dollars for handcrafted leather. You see, this pouch has an MSRP of $99.99.

Details and ordering can be found here.

MSRP: $99.99

What I Like: Nice leather; stitching “pops”; Magnetic closure on flap; The simplest of case designs yet it still has style

What Needs Improvement: $100 seems pricey!

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