Too Many Devices to Charge? There’s a Charging Station Available with Dozens of Ports

Do you have way too many things to charge and not enough outlets to charge them all? Or do you have annoying little USB cubes in every port with one or two devices charging and want to free up clutter?

You’re in luck as there’s now an option for the person who just has TOO many gadgets (myself included). The 60-Port Super Multi-USB Charger is the USB charging station by Allputer that literally will charge everything from those wireless PS4 controllers, to external battery backs to yes.. even your phone. The metal box has 60 ports, with options of 40 ports or 20 ports that although not something I could see myself personally using, it would be perfect for offices, casinos, night clubs, or if you just by chance have a host of devices you need to charge often, or packing for a trip where there are multiple devices that need to be charged all at once, this might be your best bet. Coming with an on/off switch, and a cooling air ventilation system, you can be sure it won’t overheat or burn out.

Too Many Devices to Charge? There's a Charging Station Available with Dozens of Ports

The 60 Port will set you back $129.65, while the 20 port, which is more than enough for the average consumer will only cost you $69.99.

You can purchase any of the three today at Allputer.

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