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October 4, 2011 • News

Microsoft Releases Hotmail App for Android!

One of my annoyances with mobile email has always been Hotmail. Not the service itself, but the seeming inability of any of the default email clients to properly handle Hotmail – I would get repeated streams of mails, deletion never seemed to work right, and so on. To the point where I don’t get my Hotmail on my Android phone and just check it on my iPad with full knowledge I’ll have to manage it elsewhere.

We have already heard and seen how Microsoft and Apple have implemented a native sub-client for the iOS 5 Inbox that will work like all of the other easily configured email accounts such as Yahoo! and Google.

Now Microsoft has jumped in and taken care of that for Android users. Here is the description:

The only official Microsoft mobile app for Hotmail that gives you easy access to Hotmail so you never miss an email.
Key features include:
– With push email get messages on your phone without delay
– Synced calendar and contacts
– View your folders in Hotmail, including sub folders
– Send pictures from your phone using Hotmail
– Supports multiple Hotmail accounts
– Send, receive and view attachments

Head to the Android Market and grab Hotmail for your device!

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