Gatekeeper’s Post – the Huffington Post for Books?

Gatekeeper's Post - the Huffington Post for Books?

There’s ample evidence that we’re at a crossroads in book history. Borders is struggling to survive, and publishers, editors, authors, and consumers are working to find their place in the brave new world of ebooks. Luckily, they don’t have to do it alone, thanks to the launch of Gatekeeper’s Post!

I had the opportunity to speak with Jeff Rivera, Editor in Chief of Gatekeeper’s Post, about the launch of the site and what he hopes to accomplish with it. Effectively, they’re looking to create a place where everyone from librarians to authors to agents to readers can keep up on the industry news and find new perspectives on publishing and reading. The idea is that anyone can participate and be a “gatekeeper”, a person who influences reading choices and helps highlight interesting writing. Traditionally it was publishers and agents, but even beyond that Jeff spoke enthusiastically about how bookstore employees, book clubs, even just your friends telling you about a book all become gatekeepers, people who influence book buying activities. And with the floodgates opening to self-published works, free books, Kindle singles, etc it’s important to have a place where you can find multiple perspectives and voices under one umbrella.

Gatekeeper’s Post is launching today (February 1) so be sure to read the press release below and check them out! They’re hoping to find new and exciting ways to bring gatekeepers together, including video conference panels and possibly even author readings! Their board is a veritable who’s who of the ebook and publishing world, from Wattpad and Smashwords to Fastpencil and Goodreads. So be sure to check them out today and every day!


FOR RELEASE: Monday, January 31, 2011

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Tel: 347 284 6158

Author and media personality, Jeff Rivera launches The Gatekeepers Post, a new social media community intended to make a significant impact on the conversation of book publishing.

With the decline in print book sales, the increase of eBooks, the rapid closing of independent bookstores and the boom in young adult fiction, the world of book publishing is experiencing a flux few could have anticipated even five years ago.

Industry outlets have struggled to keep pace with the new developments in publishing but the changes are happening too fast for anyone to cover it all.  The industry and public’s insatiable appetite for fresh news on the rapid changes has only increased.

The Gatekeepers Post hopes to satisfy that appetite.  A cross between Huffington Post and Publishers Weekly, the outlet features some of the most important and respected voices in book publishing.

Joined by an editorial advisory board that includes the likes of print and online magazine editor Neal Boulton; TechSavvy high-tech consulting CEO Scott Steinberg; New York Times bestselling author and Publisher, Zane; Planned TV Arts’ Rick Frishman; Editor-in-Chief of Publishing Perspectives Ed Nawotka; Smashwords’ Mark Coker; Thomas Dunne Book’s Brendan Deneen; publisher and veteran literary agent Richard Curtis; Editor-in-Chief of Richard Blakeley; former Writers Digest Books Editor-at-Large Jane Friedman; Authorpreneur Joe Konrath; and Hachette’s Director of Multicultural Publicity Linda Duggins.  The new outlet also features Gatekeepers bloggers that site founder and Editor-in-Chief Jeff Rivera personally handpicked. “The support from the industry has been overwhelming,” says Rivera, “I’m proud of the high caliber of Gatekeepers and guest bloggers who’ll be joining us.”  Veteran agents, major editors, librarians, publishers, publicists and authors such as New York Times bestseller Alisa Valdes Rodriguez will be lending their voice to the community as well. Book publishing heavy weights such as Andrea Barzvi of ICM, Keith Ogorek of Author Solutions, Harvey Klinger of the Harvey Klinger Agency, Bill Gladstone of Waterside Productions, Glenn Yeffeth of BenBella Books, Steve Wilson CEO of  Fast Pencil and Ellen Goldsmith-Vein of Gotham Group have also joined.

A steady stream of book-centric reviews, headlining news, articles, and op-ed pieces, will be incorporated within the outlet along with forthcoming special events such as virtual panel discussions and online conferences.

Gatekeepers Post officially launches on February 1, 2011 at midnight.

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