iPad Case Review: Cygnett SmartSound for iPad 2


If you want to use Apple’s SmartCover with your iPad 2 but also want to protect the back of your tablet there are a decent number of options currently available. Cygnett’s SmartSound for iPad 2 is yet another option but this one comes with a special “something something” that may make it a good choice if you are looking for this style of protection.

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From Cygnett:

The SmartSound case is designed to work in tandem with Apple’s Smart Cover, seamlessly interacting with its magnetic detachable cover and automatic sleep/wake function. With SmartSound and Apple Smart Cover working together, the front, back and sides of your iPad 2 will always be fully protected.

With built-in audio-boosting abilities, the SmartSound iPad 2 case offers more than just great protection. The unique SoundScoop boosts the volume from your iPad 2 and directs the audio towards you, producing louder, clearer and brighter sound. The SmartSound results in a volume increase of up to 10 dB – doubling the perceived volume of the iPad 2.

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Fully compatible with Smart Cover functions, including sleep/wake function & magnetic detachable cover

Louder, clearer audio from the speakers of your iPad 2, built right into the case

Flexible TPU material fits the slimline body of the iPad 2 like a glove & protects it from scratches

Elegant frosted finish

Complete access to all ports, jacks, cameras & buttons of the iPad 2

2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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If you have seen or used this style of case before the SmartSound will immediately be familiar. It fits right over the iPad 2 and protects the back, top, bottom and one side of the device. The corners are also protected. Since this case needs to work with the Apple SmartCover one side remains exposed. It is along this side that the cover is attached to the iPad 2.

The cutouts are all in the right place and the SmartSound fits quite snuggly. Overall, it provides a good deal of protection.

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The key to the SmartSound is this extra bit of material. It surrounds the speaker opening and extends from the case somewhat. It isn’t all that attractive as it does make the clean lines of the iPad 2 a bit less clean but it serves a purpose.

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You see, having the sound coming out of the iPad 2, strike the material and be pushed forward, rather than going straight down has a significant impact on the iPad’s audio. I was skeptical as to whether this little pit of TPU material could have any real impact, let alone double the “perceived sound” coming from the iPad, but it actually does. Yup, the sound coming from my iPad 2 was not only noticeably louder with the SmartSound cover on but it was also quite a bit clearer.

Bottom line, if you like this style of case, if you don’t mind cases made from TPU and if you use the iPad’s built-in speaker often this case is worth a look. Since I do not fall under any of those “if”s this is not a case I would want to be using. Case preferences are quite personal though and if “function” is more important to you than “form” take a look at the SmartSound. This is one case that delivers on its promises.

Cygnett’s SmartSound case for the iPad 2 comes in Black and White. For more information on Cygnett and the SmartSound case visit the company site.

MSRP: $39.99 MSRP

What I Like: Does exactly what it claims; Fits tightly; Let’s you use the Apple SmartCover; Greatly enhances the sound coming from the iPad

What Needs Improvement: I don’t love the feel of the material; when an Apple SmartCover is not attached it one side of the iPad remains exposed

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