iPad 2 Accessory Review: Cygnett CarGo Car Mount

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Using the iPad as an in-car media system isn’t a new idea. No, it is as old as the iPad itself. (Okay, so that means it is kind of a new idea. Whatever…) We’ve seen a number of systems that allow you to use the iPad in just this way and, over the past week or so, I’ve taken a look at yet another one. The Cygnett CarGo Car Mount for iPad 2 might fall right in with the pack except for two things that stand out. First, it offers a quick-connect system that lets you put it in place or remove it in seconds. Second, it is adjustable so it will work with tablets other than the iPad. This kind of flexibility and universality might make it a good option, especially if you only plan to use your iPad or tablet in the car on occasion. Let’s take a look.


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From Cygnett:

Transform your back seat into a digital entertainment hub with Cygnett’s iPad car mount bracket, the CarGo. Perfect for keeping backseat passengers busy (while allowing the driver to concentrate on the road), CarGo provides a safe and stable place for your iPad.

The 360-degree rotation and tilt feature allows the iPad screen to be angled vertically or horizontally for perfect glare free viewing by one or more back-seat passengers.

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Connect easily to charger, or plug in earphones. The CarGo snaps on or off your headrest’s metal brackets in seconds

Watch movies, play games, listen to music on the road completely hands-free

Easy-to-use, the CarGo bracket snaps on & off a car’s headrest in seconds

Functional design allows for use with iPads that have cases just as easily as those that don’t

Precisely engineered fingers grip your iPad affording extra stability for more stable viewing

Easy access to all ports & controllers, as well as the earphone port for use with headphones

Perfect for keeping kids entertained on long drives

2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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The bracket it made from heavy plastic. I would not call it attractive but, then again, I don’t need it to be. I want something that is strong enough to hold my iPad, flexible enough to use it easily and carefully designed enough that my iPad won’t get scratched or otherwise marred.

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Thanks to the generous padding this is all that and more. Add in the fact that it has a quick-adjustment clasp and you have a rather nice design.

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I tried my iPad in the CarGo with nothing on it and it worked fine. When I tried it with Cygnett’s case it also worked, although it was a bit tight. With a case that is thick or also includes a cover the CarGo won’t work.

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Getting the iPad into the CarGo was simple. I put the iPad in place, pulled the two sides around it until they were tight and then closed the handle that is mid-bracket. It felt nice and solid to me.

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I then attached the headrest mount arm to it to get a better sense of the complete package.

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Here’s a view from the side. If you look at the headrest bracket you will notice two “hooks” at the outer edge of the accessory. These go around the headrest poles and then the clasp on the opposite side, when clicked into place, tightens everything up.

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That’s exactly what I did here. I put the hooks around the poles, tightened them and was done. The entire “install” took ten seconds.

When I attached the iPad to it, however, I did find the hooks to be a bit on the loose side. They never fell off but there was enough “play” that I was a bit nervous they would continue to hold when the car or truck hit a bumpy area. I also ran into another issue. I did not tighten the connection between the two main parts of the CarGo sufficiently and, at one point, the iPad slipped out of place. Had I not been holding the iPad there would have been an issue. When I fully clicked the two pieces together they did hold fast but that is really the point — you NEED to make sure EVERYTHING is as tight as possible or your iPad is going to fall. That. Makes. Me. Nervous.

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So what’s the bottom line with the Cygnett CarGo Car Mount for iPad 2? I can recommend it but with caveats. I like the flexibility it offers both in regard to the quick install and the ability to use a variety of different sized tablets. I don’t like the fact that you have to be extra-careful to make sure everything is totally tight before you let go of the iPad. I have not really feels this concern with other car-mounts so the fact that you need to do that here stands out in my mind. Finally, I wish the hooks held onto the headrest more tightly. All of that noted, this is an easy flexible way to use your iPad in the car and keep your kids entertained when you are on the road.

Cygnett CarGo Car Mount for iPad 2

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: : Easy to install and remove; able to use various sized tablets

What Needs Improvement: : Snug with a case if it works at all; feels a little loose on the headrest and the connection between the two portions makes be a bit nervous

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