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When I saw an advertisement for the MobiValet in a tech. magazine I was recently reading I immediate had one of those, “now why didn’t I think of that” moments.

My car has plenty of cup holders.  But often times every single one of them is filled with a drink belonging to one of my children, snacks, sunglasses, toys etc.  When I do find an empty one to stick my iPhone in I’m usually hesitant to do so.  The iPhone is slimmer than what’s meant to go inside a cup holder and this results it in being tossed around as I travel the roadways.

If I don’t place my iPhone into a cup holder it stays tucked inside a case on my belt or in my pocket.  This makes accessing it while driving next to impossible (not that I do so unless I’m at a stop anyway.)

The MobiValet is like your iPhone’s personal cup holder.

The MobiValet is a stylish looking, horizontal pouch that comes in six different collections.

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The company was kind enough to give me one of their Black Palo Leather versions for review.


The case itself is made from high quality leather.  It’s rigid though so you know your device will both be protected and held securely.

The MobiValet comes pre-equiped with acrylic adhesive Velcro installed.  This Velcro is designed specifically for use in automobiles.  It will not damage your car’s interior and you can easily remove it should you choose to do so.


Installation is quite simple.  After choosing an appropriate spot somewhere along the left sidewall of your car’s center console you simply remove the backing from the female portion of the Velcro and stick the case on.

If you ever want to relocate the MobiValet you simply remove it, discard the female loop of the Velcro, reattach new Velcro which can be purchased at hardware stores, and re-stick.


There are no rules as to where you install it.  As long as it’s a flat surface in your car it’ll stick.  It must however be placed in the horizontal position and it’s important to keep the MobiValet near you as the whole point to it is to allow for ease of access to your device at all times.


The sides of MobiValet have been purposefully lowered so that you’re able to insert a charging cable into your device while it’s resting inside the MobiValet.

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I found that my iPhone with an Incase Slider installed fits into the MobiValet quite well.


Even with the rather high position of the seats in my car my phone remains at reach while in the MobiValet.  There’s plenty of room between the seat and the center console for me to reach down and remove the phone when I need it.


I did choose to mount my MobiValet to the lower part of my console.  This keeps my phone somewhat hidden between the console and the seat but still allows me to reach it quite easily.  I didn’t want my car’s arm rest to block my access to the MobiValet.


MobiValet has a created this cute video which details the product’s features.

MobiValet has six different styles from which you can choose from, each with color choice options within them.  There’s sure to be a MobiValet that matches both your personal taste and the color and or style of your car’s interior.

If you’re often times losing your phone in a black hole within your car or you just need more secure spot to place your device while driving, check out the MobiValet.  It allows you to easily access your phone when you need it while protecting it from your car’s other hazards when you don’t.

The MobiValet is available directly from the manufacturer’s website.

M.S.R.P. – $24.95 – $44.95

What I like – non-permanent, allows access to charging port, looks good.

What I don’t like – might not fit every device.

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