Personalized iPhone Cases from iStylize

Personalized iPhone Cases from iStylize

When my coworker was preordering his new iPhone 4S, we had a debate about colors. I was firmly on the side of black, and he said he was considering white because it stood out a bit more, and since most people have black iPhones, it eliminated that moment of “is this your phone or my phone” that happens when everyone has their iPhones on the table at the same time.

Of course, you can solve this with a case, but who wants the same boring cases that everyone else picks up at the Apple store? Instead, you could snag an iStylize case from ErinCondren that has your name or initials right in the design! No mistaking anyone else’s phone for yours! (Unless you hang out with lots of people with the same name as you, and I can’t help you there!)

According to iStylize, the design is tattooed into the case, so it won’t start to fade and peel after 6 months of hard living. So for $59.00, your phone can be even more of a reflection of you!

Check out the full information below, and be sure to hit up to see all the cool cases!

Amazing technology like the iPhone deserves an amazing PERSONALIZED protective case!

Now available exclusively at, the iStylize iPhone Case is the perfect accessory for your gadget! Choose colorful signature designs or customize with your own color combination or photo- our designers will take care of the rest! Our capsule cases, made of tough, shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, wrap around your iPhone for ultra protection and a slim fit. Charge your phone while still in its case, or remove the bottom portion for docking. The 3D Tatt printing process tattoos and embeds your design deep into the case’s surface. No fading, chipping or peeling!

The iStylize iPhone capsule case is available for iPhone models 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S.

All styles viewable at:

$59.00 Retail


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