The Arriba! Adapter Is a Brilliant 2-in-1 iPhone 5 Charging Solution

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The Arriba! Adapter – 2 in 1 iPhone 5 Adapter + Keychain – first patent drawing

You’re in your buddy’s car, and your iPhone’s battery is low. Typical, right? And of course, you forgot the Lightning cable for your iPhone 5. Your friend has a car charger, but it’s for his 30-pin iPhone, and he’s using it anyway. Buried under an open bag of chips and some diaper wipes, he has an old microUSB cable. That’s not much help, is it? Or maybe it is, if you happen to have the Arriba! Adapter attached to your keyring.

Plug in that microUSB cable, stick the Arriba! Adapter’s Lightning plug into your iPhone 5’s port, and plug the microUSB cable into the Arriba! Adapter, and now you are in business!

The brilliant Arriba! Adapter is a new Kickstarter project, and they are almost to their funding goal. $20 will get you in on the Early Bird plain white special, $25 will get you your choice of white or black, and $39 will buy the special Kickstarter powdered aluminum version. Can you guess which one I sprang for? I know, I know … but they don’t call me a gadget magpie for nothing! I’m curious about the $69 iBottleopener package, but not enough to pledge for one. I have to draw the line somewhere!

The thought behind the adapter is genius: it will work with either a 30-pin Apple cable or with a microUSB  cable. As long as you have an Arriba! Adapter handy, you will almost always be able to keep your iPhone 5 charged.

The plan is to ship by mid-September, which should be just in time for the latest iDevices. Dan and I have already backed it; what are you waiting for? =)

Link: The Arriba! Adapter – 2 in 1 iPhone 5 Adapter + Keychain

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  1. That is a REALLY cool idea.

  2. mine arrived this week and doesn’t work. zach at arriba says he will kindly send me another one, however i fear that it is a software rather than hardware fault. i am based in the UK. Has anyone had any similar experience?

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