Sound ID is Back with the Sound iD SIX, a Siri-Ready Bluetooth Headset


I have had the opportunity to review each generation of Sound iD’s Bluetooth headsets. The first was a small but excellent device and with each generation the devices have gotten better and better. Now the company is back with their Sound iD SIX Series headset and it looks great.

Here’s what the company has to say about it:

Sound ID redefines the Bluetooth experience with the new SIX. Destined to be your go-to headset, the SIX boasts a sleek look and more than one new audio trick, resulting in a true marriage of outstanding sound, true comfort and advanced technology.

With innovative features such as VoiceMenu (which enhances traditional voice recognition) the Clear Carbon Design with Smart Touch (controls volume, voicemail and more with one touch), the Sound ID SIX is a premium Bluetooth headset sure to exceed every road warrior’s expectations. You can even transform the SIX into a truly personalized audio device with the free EarPrint 3.0 app for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. For additional details, please visit

The new headset features a Clear Carbon Design that is “smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than ever before”. With a simple touch of the headset the “Smart Touch Surface” now lets you control volume, mute, voice mail and voice dial, as well as auto dial favorite numbers. Of course, the headset features A2DP so you can access media from smartphones, tablets or Bluetooth-enabled PCs and with the free EarPrint App you can control almost every aspect of the headset so you can truly make it your own.

Here are the specs:

Weight: 8.6 grams, Dimension: 48 x 15.4 x 9.5 mm.

Battery Life: Up to 4 hours talk time, 75 hours of standby.

Bluetooth: Version 2.1+ EDR and eSCO improves sound quality transmission.

Accessories: Universal AC travel charger (100-240 VAC), USB charging cable, three sizes of RealComfort EarLoops, Ear Hook for an alternative over-the-ear wearing option.

Compatibility: EarPrint works with the iPhone, iPhone 4 and iOS 4.x; Android 2.2 or higher touch screen phones; and virtually all BlackBerry models.

A2DP: Uses ActiveConnect for MultiPoint A2DP version 1.2.

The Sound ID SIX is available now at for $129.99. The Sound ID EarPrint 3.0 app is available for free for all iPhones and all iOS versions, Android 2.2 or higher touch screen phones, and virtually all BlackBerry models.


Smarter, sleeker and better audio than its predecessors, the Sound ID SIX redefines the Bluetooth headset experience
PALO ALTO, California, October 24, 2011 – Sound ID, an innovator in combining knowledge of the human ear with the latest wireless technology to enhance audio performance, today unveiled the new SIX Bluetooth Headset, available now at The contemporary design and innovative functionality make the SIX the most advanced headset on the market today. The features can be customized and extended with the unique EarPrint 3.0 app (free), giving users the ability to personalize the headset’s sound settings conveniently from their smart phone.

The SIX takes Sound ID’s focus on comfort, background noise management and superior audio to the next level with a trio of new features. Improving standard voice recognition, the patent-pending VoiceMenu provides quick, discrete response to commands – regardless of background noise. ActiveConnect enables connection to any twoBluetooth A2DP devices simultaneously. And, the Smart Touch Surface provides a simple touch to access to volume, voicemail, voice dial and more.

“At Sound ID, we’re dedicated to creating Bluetooth ear pieces that offer superior audio, all day comfort and advanced features. The SIX captures this spirit with its customization capabilities and use of Carbon Fiber in the industrial design,” said Michael Jones, President and CEO of Sound ID. “Thanks to features like VoiceMenu, ActiveConnect and the EarPrint app, the SIX delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that is all about a user’s individual sound preference and feature needs.”

The Functionality

In addition to VoiceMenu, ActiveConnect and Clear Carbon Smart Touch Surface, the SIX offers a wide range of easy-to-use features, including:

• 3X NoiseNavigation offers three microphones, a fine scale noise-canceling algorithm and advanced sound processing to help eliminate background noise.

• Scientifically engineered RealComfortTM EarLoops 2.0 offer more comfort and a design that better channels sound for enhanced listening and extended wear.

• An On/Off Switch helps conserve battery life and avoid accidental pocket-dialing.

• Pass Thru Mode amplifies the surrounding environment between calls, allowing the sounds to pass through the headset as if the user was not wearing it.

About EarPrint 3.0

EarPrint 3.0 is the latest release of a free app developed by Sound ID to maximize their Bluetooth headset experience. The app is available for today’s most popular mobile phones, including iPhones, BlackBerry models and Android devices. When combined, the SIX and EarPrint 3.0 enable users to:

• Use VoiceMenu to discretely activate five features upon command, such as Voicemail, Voice Dial, Last Number Redial, and a variety of supported third-party appslike Bing411, Google Voice and Facebook-friendly apps such as Voice-on-the-Go, Vlingo and Jott.

• Take advantage of the iPhone 4S’ Siri from the convenience of your SIX, just Select Voice Dial – via the VoiceMenu tool – and you get Siri.

• SMS Text-to-Speech for Android devices keeps users connected via text even whenthey need to be hands-free.

• Use Personal Sound to customize and save listening preferences – while on a call or listening to music, simply drag the ID icon across the smart phone screen to change sound quality or enhance listening levels.

• Keep an eye on the Visual Battery Indicator to stay informed of remaining battery life.

• Locate a missing headset by pressing the “Find Me” icon on a smartphone and the headset will start emitting a beeping sound to locate it.

Pricing and Availability

The Sound ID SIX is available now at for $129.99. All units come with a small, energy efficient Universal AC travel charger (100-240 VAC), USB charging cable, three sizes of RealComfort EarLoops and an Ear Hook for an alternative over-the-ear wearing option. The Sound ID EarPrint 3.0 app is available for free for all iPhones and all iOS versions, Android 2.2 or higher touch screen phones, and virtually all BlackBerry models.

About Sound ID

Sound ID™ was founded with the mission to bring personalized sound to mainstream consumers. Sound ID has accomplished this by combining deep knowledge of the human ear with best-in-class Bluetooth technology and patented Adaptive Noise Compensationtechniques. The result is a new category of Bluetooth-compatible headsets – designed to revolutionize your personal appreciation of sound by addressingyour unique hearing preferences in a wide variety of environments.

Noted Ear Doctor from Stanford University and entrepreneur Dr. Rodney Perkins founded Sound ID based on the premise that personal communications devices, such as Bluetooth headsets, could benefit from knowledge advancements of how the human ear processes sound. From there, Dr. Perkins brought together top scientists and engineers in psychoacoustics, product design and software development to create a truly advanced product line.

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