6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

The Pixel Fold is the first foldable phone from Google, and like other foldables on the market, it’s priced at a premium. If you decide to get one, you will not only want to protect your pricy investment but also find the best gear for it. Here are the six Pixel Fold accessories I’m using and why I think they are the cream of the crop.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

So a little about how I use my Pixel Fold before we jump into the accessories.

When I’m out and about, I mainly keep my Pixel Fold closed, as it is quite pocketable and slim; I really like that this foldable closes completely shut without any hinge gap and how the bezels around the inner display help keep any pocket or purse detritus from getting in.

The 5.8″ outer Corning Gorilla Glass Victus cover glass display is comfortably sized to use just as you would any slab smartphone; it has an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz, so scrolling is smooth no matter what I am doing.

In the several weeks since I received my pre-order from Google, I’ve grown to appreciate the Pixel Fold’s squatter form when it’s closed versus the taller, narrower, and slightly top-heavy feel that I get when using the closed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, but obviously, that’s a personal preference.

When I’m ready to multitask, play my favorite games, or read yet another eBook on the Kindle app, that’s when the magic happens; the Fixel Fold opens into a 7.6″ mini tablet with a larger inner display that also features an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

For reference, the Pixel Fold’s ultra-thin glass with a protective plastic layer inner display is just slightly smaller than the 8.3″ display on the iPad Mini.

Since the Fold is usually carried closed, protecting the outside is a must. Obviously, I don’t ever plan on dropping any of my phones, but accidents can happen, and I’m unfortunately known for being a bit of a klutz.

So let’s jump into the accessories I use with my Pixel Fold.

Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Elite Screen Protector for the Pixel Fold

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Sure, the Pixel Fold has a Gorilla Glass Victus outer display, but guess who’s learned the hard way that any glass display can be scratched if it isn’t covered with a screen protector? That’s right, me!

Whether it’s micro-scratches and the eventual screen hazing that can happen over time from sliding a phone in and out of a pocket, larger scratches from hard items accidentally brushing against the display, or drops that inevitably end with the smartphone face-down, a screen protector can protect your Fold’s outer display and keep it looking brand new.

That brings us to the $39.99 Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Elite Screen Protector for the Pixel Fold. It is stronger than most glass screen protectors and has an antimicrobial treatment, maximum scratch resistance, and a fingerprint-resistant finish; it also feels completely smooth under your fingertips.

The screen protector’s edges are reinforced to prevent chipping, which will eventually lead to an unsightly, cracked-edge screen protector.

The Invisible Shield Glass Elite Screen Protector installation is straightforward and easy to do with the included kit, which consists of the protector, an EZ Apply Tray, a microfiber cloth, a cleaning wipe, and a dust removal sticker.

Before starting, you’ll want to register your screen protector with Zagg. I’ll get into why you should do this shortly.

For a perfect install, you’ll simply clean the Pixel’s outer display with the alcohol wipe, then dry it with the microfiber cloth. Next, you unpeel the dust remover sticker and make sure that there aren’t any bits of dust anywhere before you place the phone in the EZ Apply Tray, and then you’ll peel off “Tab 1,” which removes the thin cover on the sticky side of the protector.

I always make it a point to keep the protector sticky-side down when I do this, just to make sure that if any dust is floating in the air around me, it doesn’t land on the sticky side.

Next, you’ll align the holes in the plastic tab that’s affixed to the thicker film on the top side of the protector with the pegs on the tray; then, you’ll press in the center of the protector and smooth it from the middle to each edge to remove any trapped air.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

It couldn’t be easier, and it’s an installation that you can confidently perform on your own with perfect results every time.

If you drop your phone and it lands on its face, there’s a good chance that the protector won’t crack. But if the worst happens, since you’ve registered your protector, you can easily get a free replacement from Zagg for the shipping cost, which is generally $9.99. Or, you can use Zagg’s Store Finder to locate a place near you that can replace your protector, which may incur a small replacement & installation fee.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

I’ve been using Zagg’s glass screen protectors on my smartphones for years, and their hassle-free replacement service is the best I’ve found because, while I may have cracked many a screen protector in a drop, I have never once actually cracked any of my phone’s displays when they were protected by one.

Side rant: I don’t know about you, but I’ve been suckered into thinking I could save money by buying one of those three-pack screen protectors sold all over Amazon. They cost less than Zagg’s, and you can get as many as three protectors in a pack, so they’re a good deal, right?

Not exactly.

The few times I’ve made that mistake, I’ve learned that the cheaper protectors won’t include an installation tray to ensure proper placement; I usually wind up throwing away at least one of them because I’ve somehow futzed the installation.

Even if the installation went well, the cheaper protectors’ edges inevitably chip and start to lift, even without dropping the phone; on top of that, they’re all but guaranteed to shatter if the phone was dropped.

Save yourself the aggravation; get a Zagg protector and call it good. /rant

CASETiFY “Made For Google” Pixel Fold Cases

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My first experience with CASETiFY was back in 2014 when the brand was known for its custom collage iPhone cases that you could design and personalize through the CASETiFY app; a friend got one and included my photo in their collage, and I thought it was the neatest thing!

CASETiFY still offers the custom collage option, but they’ve expanded beyond only offering iPhone cases also to include cases for the Samsung Galaxy S and Z series, Google Pixels, iPads, and MacBooks, as well as custom AirPods and Galaxy Buds cases and custom straps for Apple Watches and Galaxy Watches.

If you don’t have a photo you’d want on your case, you can also choose one of their many collaborations, where you’ll find everything from works by renowned artists, designers, and popular brands.

Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to get a protective case with an eye-catching design that’s perfect for your personality. For the Pixel Fold, CASETiFY offers its designs in both the Impact style with black bumpers and the Clear style with see-through bumpers.

I’ll admit that when I first perused their site, I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of Fold designs available —  and that’s not even counting the personalized case options!

But after scrolling through more than a hundred Pixel Fold cases, I saw one of Matt Darling’s designs, which I have on one of my favorite t-shirts. After a quick search, I found out that, sure enough, the “empathy is more rebellious than a middle finger” design was available for the Pixel Fold.

I opted for the $72 Impact (black) style, and as you can see on my Obsidian Pixel Fold, the result is a slightly more subtle design than you’d get if this case were on the Porcelain Pixel Fold, which is fine with me.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

As you’ll find with most foldable device cases, the CASTiFY Pixel Fold case has two parts; the bottom snaps right onto the back of the Fold, and there is a double-sided adhesive strip preinstalled on the back side of the half that goes around the Fold’s display, with three more long adhesive strips included in case the original strip loses it’s sticking power from frequent case swapping.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

Eight shorter pieces of double-sided adhesive tape are included for the curved top and bottom edges of the case if you’d like an even more secure fit. A multi-language instruction booklet is included, so you’ll know exactly how to properly install and remove the case and apply the adhesive strips.

But beyond the plethora of designs to choose from, there are plenty of reasons why CASTiFY is a solid choice for your Pixel Fold.

If you’ve ever used a clear case on one of your smartphones, you know that yellowing is a common problem. CASETiFY uses UV Defender Technology, where their cases are tested against UV light and staining liquids like mustard, red wine, and coffee to ensure they can stay clear for a long time.

Both the Pixel Fold Impact Case and Pixel Fold Clear Case are made from recycled plastics, free of BPA materials; they are also covered in DEFENSiFY antimicrobial coating.

Importantly, CASETiFY cases are surprisingly sleek and slim; not only do they provide an ergonomic and secure grip, but they also have low-profile bezels (about 3mm) to offer protection to the display and camera array for protection whether your phone is face-down or lying on its back.

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And, of course, CASETiFY Impact and Clear Cases are compatible with Qi wireless charging so that you won’t lose out on one of Pixel Fold’s charging options.

Whether you’re looking for a case that is whimsical, personalized, or simply different than what everyone else is sporting, you should definitely check out CASETiFY’s Pixel Fold designs.

Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 for the Google Pixel Fold

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Pitaka and I also have a long history, going back to 2017 when I reviewed their Aramid Fiber iPhone case for the iPhone 7. The Google Pixel Fold has such a slim and lovely design that it might be tempting to give in and carry it without a case, but I don’t recommend it!

If you want the absolute thinnest and lightest protection possible on your smartphone, that’s exactly what you’ll get from the $79.99 Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 for the Google Pixel Fold.

Crafted from military-grade Aramid Fiber, the Pitaka case adds less than 1mm thickness to the Pixel Fold; it will protect your smartphone from scratches and scuffs and offers more drop protection than you might expect.

I can attest to that because every iPhone I’ve ever owned since the 7, including my current iPhone 14 Pro Max, has been kept safely tucked inside a Pitaka case with a Zagg screen protector installed.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but since we’re all friends, here goes nothing: every one of those iPhones was dropped or knocked off a table — at least once — while in a Pitaka case and while wearing a Zagg screen protector.

And yet, the worst damage I’ve ever suffered, beyond a cracked screen protector,  was a scuff on the Pitaka case’s bottom corner. In fact, you can see the latest example of what that might look like on my iPhone 14 — after a waist-high drop on concrete, no less — but the phone is still pristine, and the case is still perfectly functional.

Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 on iPhone 14 Pro Max showing a small scuff on the corner from when the phone was dropped on concrete.

Thankfully, I haven’t yet dropped my Pixel Fold, but I expect the Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 to offer similar drop protection as it’s being used with the Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Elite Screen Protector.

One of the things that I like about my iPhone 14 Pro Max’s Pitaka case is that it has compatible MagSafe magnets built right in, and guess what? The Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 for the Google Pixel Fold does, too!

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That means you can charge your Pixel Fold with the usual Qi chargers just fine, but if you moved to the Fold from a newer iPhone with MagSafe capability, you won’t have to ditch all of your MagSafe-compatible accessories!

The Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 has thin adhesive strips on the straight edges that sit next to the Pixel Fold’s spine, so the film covering them should be removed before installing the case to your phone.

The case halves securely clip to the Fold’s edges, with about a millimeter of raised protection for the display and a slightly protruding ring around the camera array that also offers about a millimeter of protection.

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The Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 for the Google Pixel Fold is available in three woven aramid styles; you can go with the more professional Black/Gray Twill.

But if you’re interested in a pop of color, there’s also Overture (a Black/Gray twill background combined with a woven light green block and two thin maroon stripes), or Rhapsody (a Black/Gray Twill background with a guitar strap pattern in blue, light gray, orange, and red), which is shown here.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

It looks like a guitar strap, doesn’t it? I love it.

Another thing worth noting about this case is that the fusion woven aramid fiber has a soft touch that feels great in hand and isn’t slippery at all.

When you want the absolute thinnest case that still provides significant protection, you can’t do any better than the Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 for the Google Pixel Fold.

Wasserstein 2-in-1 Charging Station for Google Pixel and Pixel Buds

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If you’ve got the Google Pixel Fold, you’ve probably also got a pair of earbuds like the Pixel Buds. A wireless charging station that can handle both simultaneously would be handy, but the reality is that wireless charging still isn’t nearly as fast as wired.

That’s where the $56.99 Wasserstein 2-in-1 Charging Station for Google Pixel and Pixel Buds comes in.

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The Wasserstein 2-in-1 Charging Station has a weighted base that won’t topple over, and its hard-wired design means you don’t have to sacrifice one of your charging cables, high-powered charging ports, or a higher-wattage charging block to power it.

A tilting USB-C charging plug is on the front, and a USB-C charging is positioned behind the phone’s stand. So that it will work with any case your Pixel might be in, there is a wheel directly behind the stand that will raise and lower the front USB-C plug.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

In the Pitaka MagEZ Case, I spin the wheel until the USB-C plug is in its lowest setting, allowing the Fold to rest securely on the six non-slip strips underneath. If my Fold is in the CASETiFY case, I give the wheel a few spins to lift the USB-C plug up just a bit so it can securely connect with the phone’s USB-C port.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

That the Wasserstein 2-in-1 Charging Station can also charge my Pixel buds simultaneously makes it a handy way to ensure that both are always kept powered.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

The stand also works well with any other USB-C powered phone or tablet, and if you have other earbuds that use USB-C charging, they’ll work just fine, too.

Thanks to being an official “Made for Google” product, the Wasserstein 2-in-1 Charging Station is fully compatible with any Google Pixel phone and Pixel Buds, and it will deliver up to 15W charge to the phone and 4.5W to the earbuds.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

Worth noting is that the Pixel Fold can accept up to 30W wired charge (but only 7.5W wirelessly), so while the Wasserstein 2-in-1 Charging Station won’t charge your phone quite as quickly as using a dedicated USB-C cable and 30W charging block, it is still powerful enough to give a rapid charge.

The Wasserstein 2-in-1 Charging Station for Google Pixel and Pixel Buds on your bedside table or desk is a great way to ensure your phone is always powered and ready to go.

Smartish Crown Joule 3-in-1 Lighting, USB-C, & MicroUSB Universal Cable

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We keep a Ugreen 100W USB C DigiNest Pro 7-in-1 Charging Station set up next to our couch, and we use it to charge a variety of things, including our Arlo cameras when needed and whatever mobile device we happen to be on when sitting there.

Even though the charging station has four ports, there is inevitably some cord shuffling depending upon which devices need charging at any given time.

With the $19.99 Smartish Crown Joule 3-in-1 Lighting, USB-C, & MicroUSB Universal Cable, I’ve been able to consolidate three cables into one because it not only has the MicroUSB connection that our Arlo Spotlight requires, but it also has a dongle that turns it into a USB-C or Lightning charging cable.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

At 6′ long, the Smartish Crown Joule is long enough to comfortably sit on the couch and charge either my Pixel Fold or my iPhone while using it.

The fabric-wrapped, reinforced cable makes it a bit more hardy than the crappy cables that always seem to kink or fray, and it works perfectly with Android and other USB-C devices while also being MFi certified for Apple.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

Granted, because this particular cable uses USB Type-A to charge, it won’t be quite as fast as a dedicated USB-C to USB-C or Lightning cable, but it still charges the Pixel Fold rapidly enough for top-offs while I’m reading.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

The Smartish Crown Joule 3-in-1 Lighting, USB-C, & MicroUSB Universal Cable would also be handy for a multi-device family car.

Smartish offers a lifetime warranty on its cables, so you won’t have to worry if it ever gets damaged or if anything should ever go wrong with it. It’s a great way to always have the right charging tip where you need it!

Mophie Powerstation Plus

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

Inevitably, you’ll eventually need to top off your Pixel Fold when out and about, and in that case, I have the perfect battery pack for you, the $79.99 mophie powerstation plus.

Mine is a bit scuffed up because I’ve been using it daily since the Pixel 7 Pro and later with the iPhone 14, but it’s proven invaluable for charging both the Pixel Fold and the iPhone when I need a top-off.

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The mophie powerstation plus is a 10,000mAh battery pack with integrated and reinforced USB-C and Lightning charging cables. It is slim enough to fit into a pocket or bag without making space tight and can also deliver up to 20W of charging power with its PD output.

6 Pixel Fold Accessories That Will Protect and Enhance Your Smartphone Investment

There is also a USB-C port on the bottom when you need the flexibility to charge up to three devices simultaneously.

You can charge the mophie powerstation plus by plugging a USB-C charging cable into the port on the battery pack’s bottom or by plugging the USB-C tip directly into a USB-C charger. As it’s proven to me time and time again, this battery pack is so versatile that I won’t ever leave home without it.

• • • • •

So there you have it; six Pixel Fold Accessories protecting and enhancing my smartphone experience. Are you using any of them with your Pixel Fold? Or do you have another that you’d like to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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